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New Oc: Mynta by bluestarproduction New Oc: Mynta by bluestarproduction
(did some editing on her personality, nothing major)

Name: Amynta Alkippe

Nicknames: Mynta, Kippe,

Species: Centaur

Breed: Iberian Warmblood

Sex: Female

Age: young Mare ( equivalent to 16)

Eye Color:  Light Blue

Birth date:  April 10th

Closest Relative: Unknown, but she grew up in a large herd

Height: 16 hands at the withers

Weight:  930 lbs.

Living place: Somewhere in the Grasslands

Occupation: transportation, messenger and sometimes thief( Not out of malice, but just cause she can, normally returns things)

Alignment: Supposedly True Neutral but, leans to the Chaotic Neutral side more often

Type of body(based off of the description of her breed): She has long sloping shoulders (both sets) and well muscled, long arm bones (In her  fore hooves) giving her increased ability in lateral movement and jumping. Her upper portion is thin and muscular.

Defining physical characteristics/general appearance: As a centaur she has the body of a horse from her hips down. She has a star on her head and her fur is dappled. While she has a “Humanistic appearance” on her upper body, she still has the coarse fur of an equine all over her. Her hair is rather fine and flexible, and she prides herself on the care of her mane and tail.

Mane and Tail: Pale grey

Body: Dapple Grey with a white star on her forehead

Posture:  Rather good, she's a horse, so yeah...

Describe how they walk: As her lower body is a horse, she mostly moves around like one. When not in danger, she has a slow relaxed trot, and when in danger a very fast, gallop.

Right/left handed: Uses both for different things.

Voice: Kathleen Barr

Speech mannerisms?:  Makes horse noises a lot. Like a lot.

Do they have a healthy self image: Kind of. She like her self but she's not the kind to brag

Personality: She usually is somewhat guarded and kind of territorial about her personal space. Often confident, Mynta is prone to opportunistic behavior and often forgets empathy when it comes to dealing with people. While rather rude and finicky she is also intelligent and curious, with the curiosity outweighing her smarts. She is usually near the top of the pecking order( or at least in her own mind) and has a bad habit of being a bit of a bully, not that she means too. She can be strong and brave but she normally feels she doesn't need to be. If she knows someone, she may welcome them into her personal space, and is happy to invade theirs. Around such people she is kind of playful and loves being petted( especially along her back, which she can't reach herself) and in general being fussed over. While she's no angel, deep down she's got a heart of gold.

Likes: Apples, hay, running, money, fancy thing, brushes, combs, sunshine, music( plays the flute, not well but she plays it) practical jokes, large open spaces, carrots, sleeping, and most knitting clothes that aren't ponchos

Dislikes: Snake. Dear God, snakes. And small spaces, predators, things jumping in front of her, and loud noises going off when she can't see where it's coming from( this is actually more of an annoyance than something that terrifies her).  Things she has mild dislike for; when people insist on making her wear a saddle she doesn't own, people she doesn't know trying to groom her, flies, spurs, and  ponchos(she really hates ponchos, no one knows why though).

Diet: Vegan. Like seriously, she has to watch what she eats like a hawk.

Background:  Born to the Lead Mare of a large herd of centaurs, Mynta was one of the smallest foals of her season. She wasn't quite  the strong able leader her mother was hoping for, but she was her first. As for Mynta's father, he wasn't around much but She loved him just the same. At a young age, Mynta  became aware of the world outside her herd, by coming in contact with a young boy. Not knowing any better, she let the boy climb aboard and gave him a ride around the pasture. During this she realized just how fun it was, running by it's self was wonderful, but running with someone, now that was something. She played with him the whole day, that was until her father chased the boy off, claiming he was a threat to the herd. She later went to find the boy again but, instead found the boy's father, who wasted no time in trying to catch her. Just when all seemed lost, her  herd came to the rescue, freeing her from the wicked man. Afterward, the herd moved somewhere safer, all the way to the other side of the grasslands. There, Mynta grew up, territorial about her space  and really rather untrusting to everyone, she liked people, just didn't trust them. Around the time she reached adulthood, she came across a young, woman, clothed in silks. The woman needed a ride to a kingdom near by, saying her carriage had broken down, and Mynta agreed. During this ride, Mynta found her love of riding again, taking the girl straight where she needed. Upon arriving, the young woman petted her withers and gave her  gold pieces for the ride. Mytna asked why the woman had given her these things as her herd never had need for money. The woman explained that gold could be used to buy things, like saddles, and clothing and food. It was food that caught Mynta's attention, as the grasslands were not faring to well that year. Using the money she earned, Mynta bought things for her herd, things she hoped would finally make her mother proud. When Mynta made it back to where her herd had been they where no where to be found. She looked for them for months, but still never found them. After almost a year of searching the mare made it back to her starting point, and just decided to live there, in a small barn on the edge of the grasslands, content to live life for herself. Now a days she'll give rides to some people and deliver messages for a few coins.

Abilities: Picking locks,  Jumping,  running fast, skilled with the small dagger she keeps in her bag.

Hobbies: Mynta has a talent for opening gates(and locks, and most devices for keeping people out) and getting into trouble. This mischievous mare loves, pulling pranks and zigzaging across the line of stupidity and brilliance.

Habits: When angered or threatened she tends to bite, kick and in general behave like a spooked horse. She has another nasty habit of not using her words like, she doesn't like talking a lot anyway, and when she mispronounces a word, she just shuts down and stops trying to speak English at all.

Soft spot:  She likes her mane brushed and her withers scratched. And she'll never admit it, but she loves people, she may claim to hate everyone, but she's always willing to protect and care for those she loves.

Sexuality: She's not really interested

Lover: “ Who's got time for that?”

Other facts:

Mynta can't see very well, and mostly relies on her sense of smell.

She also has trouble dealing with her human nature and her equine nature.

She doesn't like people walking up behind her, it freaks her out.

When not dressed up(like this is her kind of dressed up) Her mane and tail are done up in tight braids, with her tail's being wrapped up in a bun.
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onlyslightlycrazy427 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
she sounds really interesting! and she looks amazing :)
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, thanks! So how are you?
onlyslightlycrazy427 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
I'm supercallifragilisticespiallidocious! what about you?
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So so
onlyslightlycrazy427 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
well i hope you get to being supercallifragilisticespiallidocious soon! :)
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks ^^
onlyslightlycrazy427 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
you're welcome :)
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ask-Antworker Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Looks cool. Great job~! ))
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, She was lots of fun to make ^^
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