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New Oc: Laurel (Traveling clothes) by bluestarproduction New Oc: Laurel (Traveling clothes) by bluestarproduction
Edit: Also big thanks to :BKLH362: and her amazing skin tutorial Coloring Skin (Color pencils tutorial) by BKLH362 ( which is boss for those who use colored pencils) thanks again ^^
( It took way too long to finish her up but hopefully its worth it ^^ With out farther a due, Princess Laurel)

Name: Princess Laurel

Nickname: Fizzy, Lauri, Princi ( called this by a few of her friends), Brat( by some of her siblings)

Gender: Female

Species: Peach and Cream Bath Fizz

Age: 19

Birthday: May 10th

Residence: The Kingdom of Bath

Relationship status: Good luck with that. ( She's technically single but it'd take a lot to win her over{ She really is a romantic at heart})

height: 5 foot 3 and 1/2 inches tall

weight: 135 lbs

Skin: peach ( Peach and cream bath fizz), she has pale birthmarks on her legs, arms and back. Her skin feels soft but a little powdery and when it contacts with water it fizzes lightly.

Hair: white ( sugar cane and vanilla lotion) in a long wavy ponytail with her crown around the base of the ponytail

Eyes: orange ( Has glasses that she doesn't wear because they give her headaches)

Basic Body Type: Laurel is rather fit. Since the spa also has fitness experts and Laurel won't make anyone do something she herself can't do, she's gotten an objectively nice figure from the regimen they proscribed.

Job: Princess of the Kingdom of Bath/ Runs and manages the Royal Bathhouse

Family: King and Queen of the kingdom of Bath, 11 older siblings( 4 brothers, 7 sisters), Uncle Fritz

Likes: Running the Bath House, math, relaxation, finding new things for the Bath house, Peach sodas, Her bubble bichon ( Mimi), going to the spa, jazz music, painting, jelly beans, unhealthy foods, small things(she has a massive collection of doll furniture and miniature rooms and she's very proud of her dioramas), high places, learning new things, coffee( like omygosh you have no idea how much she loves it), ballroom dancing(specifically Jitterbug and tango),

Dislikes: People who don't think she can run the Spa, people asking about her parents( she doesn't have a good relationship with them), alcohol, spicy foods, people breaking her dioramas, dirty things, messes, dupstep ( “It's just not very relaxing..”)

Personality: Laurel is a determined young lady. With only a year of complete management under her belt, she's eager to prove that she can run the bath house just as well as her late uncle. Generous but a bit snooty, Laurel likes to think she knows whats best for everyone; a warm bath and an ear open to your problems. She finds joy in the “simple” things of life, running one of the most prestigious bath houses in Ooo helps too. She's rather adventurous, going out to find new things to bring back to Bath. However, Laurel is a clean freak, she needs things to be as clean as possible and while she'll act like messes don't bother her, she's always absentmindedly cleaning up messes. She likes to pretend she's got it all together an acts like nothing fazes her but she's still got at lot to learn.


Laurel was born two months too early and was the last of her mother's children. Her mother wanted nothing to do with her and handed her off to nannies the second she was able to. Laurel was a very sick child and very few people in the castle believed she'd live past infancy. However, her father took a liking to his youngest and was much more involved in her life( instead of visiting monthly he'd visit her twice a month). Her siblings helped raise her and most of them consider her the baby of the family. When Laurel turned 12 she was sent of to live at the royal bathhouse under the care of her uncle. During this time Laurel flourished. Her uncle raised her like his own child and trained her as his apprentice. For once she wasn't treated sickly, and wasn't treated like a baby. She grew into a strong, healthier girl and fell in love with the Bath house. When she turned 18 her uncle stepped down from running the Bath house so that Laurel could take over and so it's been ever since.

Additional Information about Laurel:

- Under her robes she wears a tank top and a pair of shorts(similar to what she's wearing in this picture), but she rarely goes anywhere without her robe( going around without a robe is seen as faux pas in Bath)

- Her crown is made of crystal sponge, a rare breed of sponge that only grows in the hot springs(smaller ones are a major export of the kingdom), Laurel's is named Minz and she puts it in water at the end of the day to allow it to grow.

- Laurel is only close with the oldest of her brothers and her sisters that were born right before her.

- Despite being a bath fizz, she loves water

-Laurel's right eye doesn't focus and moves like it has a will of its own( Medically this is called amblyopia with a bit of strabismus). She is not really all that self conscious about it, but she still doesn't like it when people stare. To prevent stares( and unfortunate balance issues) she tries to cover it with her hair for the most part.

- Laurel sleeps in water( she has a specially designed tub in the Bath House that allows her to sleep half submerged.) She also is known to talk in her sleep.

- Laurel has a thing where she needs to have something moving on her at all times. When she's talking she moves her hands or taps her foot and when anxious she tends to chew on things( mostly necklaces, pencils, things like that)

- She's a really tense person, and is often much more stressed than she lets on. She doesn't let the masseuses touch her out of fear they'd tell her uncle she can't handle the job

- When traveling to other kingdoms she wears tan sports shorts, a white tank top, a flow-y tan sleeveless cardigan, matching sandals and a wooden bead necklace with the Royal seal of Bath. Despite adoring visiting new places she always feels a tad uncomfortable without her robe on.

- When visiting new places it's not uncommon for her to go looking for shops that sell nicknacks especially if she thinks she might find something for her dioramas. ( If she finds something she really likes but can't find it to a scale that will work, she'll take a photo of it and attempt to make it herself later)

Additional Information about the Royal Bath House & the Kingdom of Bath:

- The Royal Bath House is the premiere and highest of all of Bath's bath houses. It has elements of Japanese and Roman bath houses, as well as some modern and Turkish bath house traditions and is always run by the youngest of the Royal house hold. Laurel is the first female owner in five generations and is slowly adding new things. She's always out looked for new and relaxing things to add to her spa.

- Bath's citizens are mostly bath-themed. Loofahs, Bath bombs and fizzes, lotions, bath products and humanoid bath products make up 70% of the population. The remaining 30% are people who've moved into Bath and their families.

- Located on an island in the middle of a hot spring lake, Bath is a small kingdom founded on relaxation. With a population of less than one thousand, it's a quiet little place who's posh but relaxed atmosphere attracts guests year round. With numerous spa facilities, gourmet restaurants and fabulous shopping, Bath caters to those who adore the finer things in life.

- It's main exports are crystal sponges, designer hair care products and bath products.

- It's main source of revenue is tourism.

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Wcher999 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
She's cute!
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Thank you ^^
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No prob! So how've you been?
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I've been good. You?
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School ended for me, so I'm pretty good. Also, I made one of these for you.… I just thought it'd be fun.
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw. Thank you. I'm not big into that show, but thanks for making her. ^^
Wcher999 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
It's actually a game for the 3ds. The characters in the game are based on literature. But you're welcome. ^^
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah,thank would also explain it. I've not been caught up with handheld games since the ds lite
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