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Neira Revamp by bluestarproduction Neira Revamp by bluestarproduction
NICKNAME: Neira, and she will insist that she's called this
AGE: 118 years young!
SEX: Female
ORIENTATION: Not really interested
RELATIONSHIP  STATUS: Single but not mingling
HEIGHT: Five foot even
TERRITORY: A small icy cove in the upper area of the land. It's a tundra habitat, with sub-zero winters and 40 degree summers

PERSONALITY: Neira is a ESFJ, and enjoys being the life of the party and helping others. She tries her hardest to be a fair and just guardian, but lacks the maturity and secrecy of most of her kind. In her territory she's often seen interacting with the people and animals, both in her human form and in her alaukika form. She doesn't deal well with criticism and hates fighting. When put in a situation that could lead to conflict she prefers to talk her way out of it if she can. She's always willing to lend a shoulder, hand or ear to a friend, or perspective friend as it maybe. She's a "forgive and forget" kind of person, but if you don't ask for forgiveness, she's pretty pouty when angered.

HISTORY:Neira has little knowledge of when her egg was hatched, only that she was reared by an older, territory-less Alaukika called Finch. When Neira first got the "itch"(as she calls it) to find her own territory, she left Finch's care and headed north. Once she came to the edge of land, she finally felt the need for space subside. For the first few years she stuck to the shadows, watching the world pass her by and protecting the people within her little realm. However, loneliness sunk in, and soon she ventured out into her area and the rest, as they'd say, is history.

Alaukika Form: [to be posted soon]

Special Ability: Neira is able to produce constant temperature around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this is spread to her fur, making her a warm companion out in the frozen north

So sorry for the poor picture quality, my scanner's broken and I really wanted to post this.

Reference for her legs : Bases For Bases 9 -  Shy vs. Confident by Kaya-Snapdragon by :iconkaya-snapdragon:

Outfit inspiration: Kole from the Teen Titans (which belongs to DC comics)

Species belongs to: :iconask-evin:
DawnoftheBlueMoon Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Redesigned oh yeah! XD let me know if youre going to participate! 
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you ^^
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