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Mlp ocs by bluestarproduction Mlp ocs by bluestarproduction
In case any of you weren't totally convinced that I am nerd trash, meet my horse babies. They all live in a little college town called Manedole Bay. Clockwise from the top:

Luminaria: A half dragon hybred who's special talent is waxwork, most specifically, carved candles. As a halfling it's kind of hard to fit in, but Lumi makes up for this by being the most regal and motherly pony she can be. She loves rock candy, as it's the closest she's comfortable with coming to eating gems. Secretly she kind of likes freaking out small town ponies with the fact she has opposable thumbs.

Crashing Waves: Waves is a pegasus born with rather large wings and a magical deficiency. Born and raised ground bound, Waves finds her comfort out among the waves rather than up in the clouds. Her special talent is Oceanography, and she adores it; on her little boat on the bay she's happier than a clam. However as a full time student, her trips out into the bay are often shorter than she'd like.

Scenic Shoot: Also known as Scene or Nicky, Scenic shoot is a rather "chill" mare. She loves photography, having a special knack for capturing the exact shot she wants. She's an advocate for unicorns going more natural, and thus grows her fetlocks and beard with pride. She's often found meandering the shores, looking for the perfect moments to capture forever.

Inkblot: Inkblot is a writer, a fact she's highly proud of. Her mother was a mule and she and Inkblot are very close, both swapping secrets of the trade. Ink is a little uncomfortable as the center of attention, but is grateful that she's got a close-knit group of friends Or test readers

Fall Formal: Formal is an older mare who specializes in formal event planning. As a bat pony her eyes are sensitive to light, but since most of her clientele are awake during the day, she wears very thick shades to protect them. She and Lumi often work jobs together, and both mares consider the other a close friend.

(Banana) Foster: Foster is a rather shy stallion who is studying Marine Biology at Manedole. He prefers the open ocean to the company of ponies, but that doesn't stop his sister from trying to set him up with every mare she meets. Foster and Waves have a bit of a friendly rivalry/ flirtationship, though neither are willing to talk about what exactly they are. Foster dropped the start of his name after finding out his talent was animal rearing.

Flambé: Flambé  is a culinary student who loves good food, fun nights and her little brother. She's got a propensity to walk on her hind legs, mainly because she feels it keeps her hooves cleaner, and she's quite the live-wire as her name might suggest. It's not uncommon for Foster to have to pull her from fights that she walked right into.

MLP belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro
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