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Lunar Twins by bluestarproduction Lunar Twins by bluestarproduction
Some more AU/ Next Gen mlp stuff because I can so meet Princess Moondrop and Prince Equinox.

Moonie and Nox are being trained to share their mother's duties, Moonie in the care and keeping of the night sky and Nox in guarding dreams.

 Moondrop is a tired soul with a heart for the quiet night. No one was quite sure where she came from, after all Luna had only been expecting one foal, but none the less two were born. Moonie loves ponies and while tired and sickly, she is loved by the palace staff that care for her. Most ponies however are unsettled by the princess and while she is a nice pony, there is something about her that set those who don't know her on edge. She is an insomniac, plagued by terrible nightmares of cloudy past events and worrisome futures.

Due to this and her uncanny ability to absorb the nightmares of others into her own, she leaves the care of dreams to her brother, who in turn, carefully weaves dreams for his sister before he himself goes to bed. Moonie fears deep down that she wasn't meant to be born and secretly blames herself for the loss of Equinox's leg, but she doesn't understand why. She also inherited Luna's temper which she battles heavily. After all, when so many fear you, why give them more to dislike?

Equinox is as gentle and understanding as they come, which is fitting as the next guardian of dreams. With his large and gentle wings he travels the dreamscape with ease, weaving good dreams and fighting nightmares. He's a bit of a prankster and enjoys any prank that ends with both part happy. It's not uncommon for him to do "positive pranks" such as send random ponies happy facts in the mail, pays for people's groceries and other such things.

Nox doesn't understand the fear most ponies have for his sister, after all Moondrop is his twin and as the older by two minutes it's his job to protect his sister. Nox struggles with the isolation of his work, and desperately wishes his sister could join him, but since nightmares flock to her, he refuses to risk her safety.

Equinox's color palette was partially inspired by :iconegophiliac:'s Meadowlark, because Moonstuck was my jam when I was younger and I was trash and I felt it fitting to pay a little bit of homage to such a wonderful comic and artist.

MLP belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro
But these two are mine

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September 26, 2017
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