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Life Or Death by bluestarproduction Life Or Death by bluestarproduction

" What Right have you to say this! What right have you to stand over me like a conquress and let your DOGS bite at my family?! You bitter wretch of a woman!- H-How how could you?!" The princess screamed, angry tears pouring form her eyes. Laurel couldn't rightly explain why she felt her heart shatter over the woman who caused her nothing but pain, nor could she understand the guilt and shame she felt hearing the open sobs of her father. All she understood was her anger. All she felt was seering hate for the woman in front of her. Any compassion the princess held was ripped from her heart at the sound of her mother's death. Her heart hardened and venom filled each word as she spat, " I curse the day we ever met. I'll see you in HELL."


" That is enough!" Claudius screamed, hands wrapping around the princess' throat and lifting the woman off the ground. " How dare you disrespect our new queen! How dare you even think to gaze upon her! You vile quim! You and your scum have ruled these shores for too long! It's time for all those who've suffered under your stupidity and secrets to rise up and destroy you. The Mysa dynasty is due for its swift and brutal end!"


" Really i-is this the best you've got-" The princess gasped, toes brushing against the floor in an attempt to breath despite his grip on her throat, " Y-you can't even-" gasp. " Can't even kill a cripple properly." Another gasp, her tiny nails digging into his forearms as she snarled. " Claudius, you are a failure in all you do and I'll see you banished for this."


Claudius yowled, his grip tightening as he lifted her farther and farther from the floor. In that moment, Laurel knew she'd made a mistake. Taunting the person currently strangling her was not her brightest of ideas. Her mind raced, attempting to calculate the odds of her survival if he slammed her skull against the floor as he seemed to be planning.


As his grip continued to tighten, part of her noted that if she survived this she'd have a really nasty looking bruise, a larger part of her chided that she probably wouldn't survive. She knew she was weak, probably even more so in her current malnourished and sleep deprived form. She figured it fitting, if a captain is to go down with their ship, then surly a princess should go down with her kingdom…oh well, if she wouldn't live might as well make it worth her while.


" Hey-" Wheeze. " Hey tough guy-" Cough. Her voice wouldn't carry much more, searing pain in her throat alerting her that her windpipe was being crushed. She wheezed out, "…Make sure you hit me hard enough to fix my eyes. I want them pretty for my funer-"


And all of a sudden there was a soft buzz followed by the sickening sound of metal implanting itself in bone and brain matter. Claudius, and consequently Laurel, dropped like a sack of rocks, one lying in a forming pool of his own blood and the other scrambling to her knees greedily filling her starving lungs with air. She forced herself to ignore the fluid running down her face, fighting against her stomach's urging to empty its contents. She knew they weren't her own.


The princess looked up to the source of the blade, and despite the fact that she'd just saved her life, Laurel's brows knotted with hatred. Maeve wouldn't even let her die on her own terms.


The dark haired mist woman looked away, turning her back to the other remaining living inhabitants of the room. " Unlock her chains and toss her back outside. "


Laurel felt Nydia's eyes on her back, the captain of the Sorority's gaze burning holes in the princess' already crumbling façade. " Are you sure ma'am?" The woman asked, griping the princess's chains and hauling Laurel to her feet.


" Yes. After all, that was all I needed her for." Maeve's clipped reply ended the conversation.


Laurel couldn't help but hate her all the more. She was never Maeve's great enemy, not even worthy of death. As she was dragged from the room the princess spit, a last ditch rebellion.


When she was not so gracefully, tossed out the castle doors and found herself sitting on the rubble that she one knew as stairs, she gave into her body's demand, retching despite her wishes. She found herself shuddering, skin crawling as she saw her reflection in a shattered mirror. His blood would never come off. She could scrub for the rest of eternity and she would never be over this disgusting, sickening feeling.


It was all so much. Too much. The princess slid to her side, curling in on herself with a shaky sob. Then, she let the emotion overwhelm her. She cried.

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