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Laurence by bluestarproduction Laurence by bluestarproduction
I've wanted to draw him for a while now and I just managed to get myself to do it. this is Laurence, the GB AU version of Laurel, because I could.

 In the event that the genders are all changed but the rules aren't( meaning the last born son is expected to take on the role of Bathhouse keeper) Laurence was expected to possibly take on the role of Bathkeeper, though for most of his very early years most didn't think he'd live long enough for that.

However, he did, and he's the first male keeper in years. Most assumed he'd develop the submissive and quiet personality generally expected of keepers, but while serious, soothing, and kind, Laurence isn't the quietest. He's got laurel's justice streak, but unlike her, he's more vocal in his critiques and opinions.

As such he often gets in mild fights with his father about the fact he's excluded from most meetings of the princes. However, deep down, he's still an awkward and goopy nerd who just wants to make sure everyone is taken care of. And he's still a shortie at 5 foot 6, much to his frustration.
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June 23, 2017
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