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Kind of Alice Revamp by bluestarproduction Kind of Alice Revamp by bluestarproduction
What better way to celebrate the blue moon, than revamping a character we haven't seen in a blue moon. It's partially a revamp, sort of thing. Like, I think i want most of her relationships reset, but if you had a character that was friends with her, if you comment or note me that you want them to still be friends then they can be. ^^ ( However, any and all crushes are removed, sorry) Also the rest of this is really long so sorry about that.

Name(s): Alice Hannah Jia Carroll, Julia Dorothy Silvia Carroll & Misuser Emeth

Nickname(s): (really Alice'll answer to anything); Julia is sometimes called Sweetie or Bracha by Alice; and Emeth is sometimes called The ROCK by Julia

Gender(s): Alice and Julia are female, Emeth is a guy

Species: Alice Card+Paperdoll hybrid; Julia is an Orange Julius humanoid; and Emeth is a Golem

Age: Alice is 23, Julia is 8 and Emeth is 6

Birthday: Alice was born December 28. Julia was born June 3, and Emeth was created September 9.

Language: Alice speaks English( has an average mastery of English), some Hebrew, and she understands Mandarin Chinese( she can have small conversations but she has a pretty bad English accent and thus normally doesn't speak it) ( still haven't found a good voice for her); Juila speaks English( Older Julai's voice: Kelli O'Hara); and Emeth, like golems in legend can't speak.

Height: Alice is 5 foot 3 inches; Julia is 4 foot 5 inches; and Emeth is 5 foot 8 inches.

Weight: Alice weighs 100 lbs; Julia weights 75 lbs; Emeth weighs a few tons.

Skin: Alice: white like paper with a bad burn scar on one of her hands and two tattoos of white clubs on her face. Julia is pale orange; Emeth is gray stone painted with red and white decorations.

Hair: Alice: dark black and red hair that is long and part of it is pulled up in a bun on her head, the rest falls down to her waist; Julia: scraggly cut, bright orange hair.

Eyes: Alice: black; Julia: blue, Emeth: Normally an orange red; but turn black when shut down

Job: (Alice) Fairy Godmother drop-out and small town doctor( prefers working with natural remedies); (Emeth) Julia's muscle/nanny

Family: Alice is Julia's adopted mother and Emeth's commissioner.

Alice's Likes: Being kind, making others happy, feeling accepted, the smell of the morning wind after long rainy night, pleasing others, spending time with her daughter, books(especially fairy tales ), rock and metal music(she'll never admit it but she adores it. so much so she collects old rock, punk, metal records), cooking and baking(she's better at plain cooking than baking but still enjoys both) and tea(like all the tea) with Emeth, babies, adopting people into her family.

Julia's Likes: Books, playing with Emeth, going to school, helping Alice, building things, Indie-pop/Mumford music(you know what I mean), collecting empty bottles, collecting shiny shells, doodling, the song, “ Alice's Resutrant” (She likes the anti-war kind of message, how silly it is, and how much she can poke fun at her momma for it).

Emeth's Likes: Serving his mistresses, making tea, caring for younger mistress, watching clouds, organization, following older mistress's instructions, shutting down on Saturdays, washing and styling older mistress's hair( he likes how soft it is and enjoys getting to show off his dexterity, plus Alice showers him in gratitude which is another thing he enjoys)

Alice's Dislikes: Evil, loud noises, water when she hasn't used a waterproofing potion, to much sunlight, the idea that her telling the truth is bad, dark magic, pain, people touching her hair without asking, the idea of cutting her hair

Julia's Dislikes: Peanut butter, bedtimes, people telling her what to do, being left alone, when Alice is too busy to play, bubble gum with weird flavors(like pie, soda, cake..ect)

Emeth's Dislikes: Danger, Julia getting them in trouble.

Alice's Personality: Alice is a soft-spoken woman with a love of helping others. She is a compulsive truth teller, meaning she can't lie, while capable of avoiding the truth, Alice cannot physically say a lie when asked direct questions( If asked, “Is there anything I can do to help you” she's able to say no, but if asked something like “Are you okay” or “are you ___” she has to answer truthfully). She is a very good healer after years of practice and is often willing to take very small things as payment. Because of this Alice is kind of always in a state of financial flux, she's stable enough to keep food o the table and the roof over their heads but people often have to force her to take payment. She is rather overly empathetic, with her gentle demeanor and shy tendencies she often prefers staying away from others, but is kind to those who stumble upon her home. She is slightly scatter-brained, this being the cause for her scarred left hand, as she tried over multitasking and a potion she was working on blew up all over her arm(it wasn't balanced properly and the poison from it caused the issue. The skin around the upper arm was burnt and scared a bit in the explosion). She is often embarrassed by this lack of strength in her left arm, and tries to hide it as best as possible. She's rather clumsy when she gets flustered, and not in a cute way, the 'omg I broke you nose, dropped my books on you and almost gave you concision ' kind of way. She's working on making more time for her daughter, whom she loves more than anything else in the world.

Julia's Personality: Julia is happy and curious young girl. She's opinionated rather stubborn but, still rather polite(sometimes). She's relatively immature and while she's caring she's also a tad selfish, like most children are. She loves helping others. Adventurous at heart, Julia often finds herself in somewhat dangerous situations, however with her wits and Emeth by her side she finds her way out of them. She has big plans and dreams for her future and she's not afraid to ramble on about them. Julia often struggles with jealousy towards her mother's patents because she wishes her mother had more time to spend with her. She knows Alice tries her hardest to provide for her, but sometimes wishes that Alice didn't feel the need to help everyone who comes to their door. She looks up to Mynta, considering her to be her awesome big sis.

Alice's Backstory: Alice was created by a Card person magician who fell in love with with a paper-doll woman. They two loved each other and wanted desperately to have a child, but sadly she barren. In their desperation they turned to magic, creating her body of special paper and using the pure white magic of a wishing star to bring her to life. The magic gave her an inability to lie, and a love of the kind of magic that brought her to this world. She dreamed the majority of her life about becoming a Fairy Godmother(and a doctor of sorts), but dropped out the academy after the perceived death of a close friend. Alice moved to a small town near a forest, where she wouldn't be surrounded by the loud hussle and bustle of the kingdom, for her sabbatical. During this time, Julia was left on the doorstep of her house. That night, Alice decided that raising Julia was more important than going back to school, so she settled down permanently in the town, using her gifts to help the people around her. She became the healer for the small town and has been there ever since( she earned her license at the age of 21).

Julia's Backstory: Julia was found on Alice's doorstep as an infant and raised by her. When she was 2 Alice had Emeth built for her so that Julia would always have a companion/guardian. At the age of 8 she's just starting to figure out who she is and how she wants her life to go. Julia has come to the point in her life were she's starting to wonder who her biological parents are, but she isn't sure she wants to go about finding them.

Emeth's backstory: Emeth was built to care for his mistresses, a job he takes very seriously. He might sometimes get the short end of the stick but he wouldn't trade a thing. The stone gollem works hard to make sure that life is as easy as possible for “older mistress” and watches after “younger mistress” to ensure her safety.

Little things: Alice calls Julia Bracha because it means Blessing in hebrew. She calls her this because in her mind, every time she say her daughter's pet name she remembers the blessing that Julia is( Which is in fact, on of the reasons while when Alice gets upset at her, she tends to only refer to her as Bracha, to remind herself not to get mad)

Alice has major insomniatic tendencies. It's not uncommon for her to go days without sleep, which worries most of her friends and family. The longest she's gone without sleep was 6 days and ten hours before Mynta knocked her out.

Alice's mother was a Russian/Jewish Paper Doll and her father was a Chinese card person

When Alice is stressed she rubs at her tattoos.

Julia was found when Alice was sixteen.

Alice has a few scars. Her only two major scars are her left hand and a scar on her right hip that she's has since childhood. She's very secretive about her scars and often wears a glove over her hand. So she's not happy when people ask about them.

Alice can do this thing that julia calls her “creepy eyes” which is Alice giving a relatively blank stare with an unsettling false smile. Basically it's that blank doll face you'd find on a very old doll. It's rather scary to some people, and so instead of yelling, Alice just does this.

Alice loves tea. All kinds of tea. And she especially loves warm tea with a tiny pinch of sugar in it.

Alice has this habit of adopting people into her family, whether emotionally or actually adopting them.

Julia and Alice's other adopted kids are her world. She adores them and pours everything she has into providing for them. Don't hurt her babies or momma Alice brings out the creepy eyes.

Julia is really scared of the dark and has a small water night-light. She'd deny this but she can't sleep without it.

Julia sips at her hair when concentrating. It's something she's done since she has hair and also twirls the longer strands when super sleepy, nervous or scared( she used to do that to Alice's hair when she was a baby and so that's her pacifism technique)

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