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Jay and Tavian Cristata by bluestarproduction Jay and Tavian Cristata by bluestarproduction

The colors are off but otherwise I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

Name: Jay Cristata ( And Tavian Cristata)

Significant nicknames:  Jay, Blue and Cristi ( Tae, Baby Bird, Birb)

Gender: male ( male)

Species: Grey Jay  ( Grey Jay)

Age: 22  ( 6)

Birthday: November 10th  ( March 3rd)

Residence:  a small but cozy apartment not far from the art museum where Jay works

Language: English

Relationship Status: Single dad

Height: Five foot ten  ( three foot three)

Weight: 168 lbs  ( 35 lbs)

Basic body type: Average, missing left arm. ( average)

Skin( type/markings/ect.):  His skin is very pale, with a darker grey coloration all over his back. Jay has scars on his left side [ Especially on the back of his left wing and on his chest] 

Hair( type/coloration/ style): Dark grey undercut with his pale grey top feathers ( Baby floof)

Eyes( color/ eye sight/ ect): Jay has blue eyes and scary good vision. ( Tavian has his fathers eyes but can't see quite as well as his dad can)

Job:  Artist/tour guide at the local art museum.

Family: Tavian- Son. ( Jay -Father)

Backstory: Jay lived a rather normal life until he met Tavian's mother. The woman was a fellow artist, but much more od a "free- spirit" than Jay himself. Jay loved her, and not very long after they started dating the woman got pregnant. Jay always wanted kids and was over joyed, but she wasn't too pleased. Since Jay was so happy she never told him how little she wanted a child and the woman left not long after Tavian was born. Jay doesn't hold the break up against her,  but he avoids thinking about her because, hey, if she didn't want this then why care, right?

Personality( Jay):  Jay is a goof ball. He loves art but knows that it can't be taken too seriously. Jay doesn't really take himself seriously, letting Tavian pick out his outfits for work and making jokes at his own expense. Jay knows that he's got a rather good, if not hectic, deal, and yeah, it hurts when others take his jokes as an excuse to make there own about him, but when you play the clown, not everyone is laughing with you. Jay wishes he didn't need as much help as he does and it really offends him when women come up to him and start talking to him like he can't raise a child. He knows his physical limitations, but can't help but be envious of those without them. And despite all of that, Jay loves his life and wouldn't change any part of it for any price.

Personality( Tavian):  Tavian is a sweet little boy. He doesn't quite understand the world yet, but he loves life and is happy. He struggles with concentration sometimes and on occasion wonders about where his mom is, but he's just happy to take it day by day, enjoying the world around him.

( Jay)

Likes:  Art, Hanging out with his son, sodas, shiny things, puzzles, sewing( somebody's gotta make wing holes in all their clothes)  rain, peanuts, snow, bird calls, violins, leading tours, blueberry candy canes

Dislikes: hot beverages, people touching his wings, art block, snow globes, the color red, people assuming he can't take care of his son.

( Tavian)

Likes:  Juice boxes, playgrounds, the color pink, cows, painting, stuffed animals, gram crackers

Dislikes: Cashews, shrimp, rainy days, bed times

Additional information:

They're Canadian

Jay has a really, scary good memory. He often draws people he's seen when he comes home from work.

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