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Green Moonstone by bluestarproduction Green Moonstone by bluestarproduction

"Silver, calm down! I can't focus and if I can't focus and I can't make sure we're safe!"


"Palla we don't have time to be safe! Our friends are out there and need our help!"</i>


Green Moonstone is quite the unstable fusion, only formed in the most dire of circumstances. Pallasite knew the Pearl Duo when they were stationed on Earth before the end of the war but was never very close with them. Palla doesn't share Silver's comfort or ease when it comes to fusion but when Palla's teammates and Matt were in trouble Green Moonstone was born. As a being born from two gems feeling scared, powerless and very, very angry, GM is overbearing and smothering to her teammates and merciless and cruel to her foes. She's not been around since Sliver and Matt left with Homeworld, which is probably for the best, neither gem wants to ever feel that angry ever again.


Her main power is Silver's siren song, but in battle she tends to prefer her Halberd, or her fists, which gets the job done fastest.

Steven Universe belongs to CN and Sugar
But this character and the ones who made her are mine. ^^
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August 7, 2016
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