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Good Time Charlie by bluestarproduction Good Time Charlie by bluestarproduction

Name: Charles Orion Hawkin

Significant nicknames: Charlie

Gender: Male

Species: Plasma Being, most specifically St. Elmo's Fire

Age: Equivalent to early twenties

Birthday: June 2nd

Residence: Various ships on the ocean (he, like most youth's of his kind is trying to find out wither he wants to settle down and protect one ship, or just coast the breeze helping ships in trouble, so far he is good at neither)

Language: English

Relationship Status: Too filled with wonderlust to fully understand when someone's flirting with him

Height: Most commonly found at 5 foot 11

Weight: 180 lbs

Basic body type: skinny muscle

Skin( type/markings/ect.): Pale yellow with various nautical tattoos. Most of them have meanings he's very excited to share about

Hair( type/coloration/ style): Charlie's hair behaves a lot like a flame of blue and purple, it is soft to the touch though it doesn't really feel too much like hair

Eyes( color/ eye sight/ ect): Bright blue with very good vision

Job: Sailor

Family: Raised by his father

Backstory: Charlie was raised by his father to coast the waves and sky in search of those in need. Charlie's father was exceptionally good at this and so most assumed Charlie would be too. However the boy was too easily distracted and couldn't seem to stick around one place for more than a few days. He was just too overwhelmed by his curiosity and desire to explore to handle what he was meant for, much to the worry of his father. And thus the older flame challenged his son to a playful wager; if Charlie could find out what it meant to protect something and care for it, to take responsibility for himself and others and to stay for something; the younger would be granted the name of his mother. And thus Charlie began his journey to find what is worth staying for, and to one day find his mother.

Personality: Charlie is a sweet boy; he loves people wants what's best for them and has a genuine heart for helping people, he's just highly distracted and rather unreliable. As much as he hates these facts about him, he cannot help forgetting important things until after it doesn't matter or not being there when needed. However, despite these facts he does make an effort and is very determined to overcome his demons as it where and show people that he is more than just his screw ups.

Likes: Lightning, flying, tattoos, fixing things, tiny dogs, watching people cook, solving puzzles, bubbly and sweet things, singing, whistling, making noise in general, stews, fairy lights, flowers, boats

Dislikes: Sitting still, forgetting things, nonfiction books, Kaleb being stupid, yelling, getting lost, crayons

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CheshireQtea Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017   Digital Artist
oh danggg he looks so cool !! 
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much ^^
CheshireQtea Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017   Digital Artist
no prob !
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