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Duchess Rosaline by bluestarproduction Duchess Rosaline by bluestarproduction

ROsies getting a revamp

Name: Duchess Rosaline the Second

Nickname: None, it would be most disrespectful! However I do accept the honorific, “ Your Grace” or “Ma'am” ( Her nanny calls her Rosa though. And really once you get to know her she'd prefer being called Rosaline or Rosie.)

Gender: Female

Species: Sugar Sculpture person; Sugar Glass variety

Age: 20 as of revamp ( was 16 before revamp)

Birthday: July 17

Languages spoken: English

Relationship status: Single, but always told I'm not allowed to mingle(Is supposed to be “engaged” so some suitor somewhere[she is not pleased])

height: 5 foot 6 inches

weight: 150 lbs

Skin color: pale red(pomegranate)

Hair color: dark reddish purple (black current)

Hair style: curly ringlets that reach the shoulders

Eye color: dark blue

Markings: none! I assure you! (She's got a couple of ache scars on her back and a small birthmark on her left calf)

Job: Duchess of the Sugar Sculpture Duchy

Family: Matilda Sugarfoss (Nanny/tutor/partial regent); Duchess Rosaline the First (Mother; deceased); Duke Paris the Fourth(Father; assumed deceased)

Likes: the safety of her people, receiving letters with orders from the Kingdom, really sweet and really milky tea, new fashions, visiting the confectionery, studying to take the throne, bubbly sodas, classical dance, reading about far off places, riding her ponies (Toblerone and Mascarpone), playing polo, show hunting, people playing with her hair, having the palace decorated, flute music

Dislikes: Loud people, sharp things, black coffee, rain, the idea of actually leaving the Duchy, Thursday afternoons(finds them rather boring), broken things, people that try and tell her that her father isn't coming back, the accordion, her harp( loathes it with the passion of a thousands suns), the knowledge that one day she's likely going to be married off to one of the Princess's suitors, people picking her up.

Personality: Rosaline is all in all, a duchess and her personality reflects this through and through. She's posh, rather spoiled and has little knowledge of the world outside of her little duchy. She is weighed down by the prospect of the future she has been raised for, and often stresses about if she's good enough to actually rule over her people without her nanny's help. She can be kind, caring and truly wants the best for her people, but is known for having frankly bratty moments when she feels like something's gone wrong. Often called “The Ice Queen” by many of the village's children, Rosaline fails at human interaction for the most part. She either comes on too strong, or far too cold, leaving her to flail around before just running back in the palace and shutting the doors. Her lack of perfection deeply upsets her and she often lashes out when she feels like she comes off as anything less than perfect. She feels bad after these incidents but is known to send letters of apology from people instead of directly asking for forgiveness. She's been brought up with the notion that she has to be the perfect bride, the perfect duchess and that she has to rule the duchy perfectly. With all that on her shoulders Rosaline can't help but crack a bit under the pressure.

Backstory: Rosaline was born to the Duke and Duchess of the Sugar Statue Duchy, a small land set aside from the candy kingdom for the most fragile and delicate citizens. Her mother died when Rosaline was five years old. She grew up adoring her father and trying to be the best little girl she could be. At age ten, her father found a new bride and left to bring her back to the land. The Duke never returned. The kingdom believed that he died on the journey, but Rosaline always hoped that he'd one day return. After her father's disappearance, Rosaline's world became filled with what was expected of her for the future. The little duchess was protected from the brunt of her new duties by her nanny, but she still felt the weight. Her classes got bigger, longer and about more important things. She was trained in how to rule the Duchy, in sewing and dance and music. Told about how she would one day be married to one of the princess' suitors, as her mother was before her. Told how much she needed to be perfect and without mistakes. And so she's been ever since, a young girl terrified of a future she has no choice in and torn between fighting for herself, and surrendering for her kingdom.

Additional Information about Rosaline:

-She often sneaks out of the palace in peasant clothes to go make decorative sugar sculptures to be sold.(on her most adventurous days she can be found selling her sculptures just outside the gate of the Duchy)

- She loves reading about far off places but the idea of leaving scares her

- She's sugar glass so she's really fragile

- She adores sweets

-She has very few practical skills, but has theoretical knowledge of quite a few things

Additional Information about the Sugar Sculpture Duchy:

- It's very small only about 500 citizens

- Everyone within is a sugar sculpture of some kind. (Some examples are; Cast Sugar People, Blown Sugar People, Pulled Sugar People, Spun Sugar People...ect)

- They are an artistic kingdom who's main export is sugar art

- it's appearance is very much like an old quaint German village.

( Here's Rosaline, I had a picture I used for a ref but I drew this a while back and I can't find it back so sorry ^^;)

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