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Alice H. Carroll by bluestarproduction Alice H. Carroll by bluestarproduction
So revamped OC that now lives in :iconaceae-village: (if they'll have her ^^))

Name: Alice H. Carroll

Nickname: (really she'll answer to anything)

Gender: Female

Species: Card/ Paperdoll hybrid

Age: 24

Birthday: December 28

Languages spoken: English, gibberish( bc lets face it all girls pick up gibberish at some point)

Relationship status: Abstinent (the best way to describe her is someone who likes the idea of love, but really isn't that interested, but maybe one day she'll find someone that'll take her heart)

height: 5 foot 3 inches

weight: 100 lbs (she's made of paper and magic so pretty light)

Skin color: White like paper with symbols of the suits on her joints (Freckles)

Hair color: Dark black with red roots

Hair style: Hair is long and part of it is pulled up in a bun on her head, the rest falls down to her waist

Eye color: black

Markings: Suit symbols on her joints and tattoos on her face of white clubs

Job: White Magic practitioner and Herblist

Family: God aunt/mother to Julia

Likes: Being kind, making others happy, feeling accepted, the smell of the morning wind after long rainy night, pleasing others, spending time with her niece, books(especially fairy tales )

Dislikes: Evil, loud noises, water when she hasn't used a waterproofing potion, to much sunlight, the idea that her telling the truth is bad, dark magic,

Personality: Alice is a soft-spoken woman with a love of helping others. She is a compulsive truth teller, meaning she has a very hard time lying and will normally brake down crying after she lies. She is a very good potion maker after years of practice and is often willing to take very small things as payment, but only if the goal of said potion is for a good cause. She is overemotional, with her gentle demeanor and shy tendencies she often prefers staying away form others, but is kind to those who stumble upon her shop. She is slightly scatter-brained, this being the cause for her slight Myoparesis, as she forgot she was working on a potion and it blew up all over her arm. She is often embarrassed by this lack of strength in this arm, and tries to hide it as best as possible. She's rather clumsy, and not in a cute way, the 'omg I broke you nose, dropped my books on you and almost gave you concision ' kind of way.

Backstory: Alice was created by a Card person magician who fell in love with with a paper-doll woman. They two loved each other and wanted desperately to have a child, but sadly she barren. In their desperation they turned to magic, creating her body of special paper and using the pure white magic of a wishing star to bring her to life. The magic gave her an inability to lie, and a love of the kind of magic that brought her to this world. Alice moved to a small town near a forest where she wouldn't be surrounded by the loud hussle and bussle of a kingdom. Her niece recently moved in with her and the two are often found at Alice's natural medicine shop(note, Alice isn't the kind of person to allow someone to pain if they are hurting or in pain so she mainly gets by on the kindness of others as she normally doesn’t charge).


:bulletred: She's only half card person and is mainly a living paper doll so she doesn’t have a suit over her eye but a tattoo of one on her forehead instead as she never truly developed one. (Most of her markings were made by her parents so that she could have a mostly normal life)

:bulletwhite:She dose have the ability to do magic that isn't potions( in fact most of her potions are made of herbs with slight magic to increases their potency) and when she does magic it drains her energy. (She knows some trick for showing off that don't take a lot of energy though[ they aren't powerful and are mainly flashes of light and suits made of paper, like what she's doing in the picture])

:bulletblack:She's also a pushover and has a super hard time telling others no.

:bulletred: She adores Orchids and keeps two of them by the door of her shop

:bulletwhite:She's lived in town for almost five years now, and still gets lost every so often.

So yeah, that's Alice, I hope you all like her! ^^
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I'm glad you like her ^^
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Thank you ^^ I'm glad you like her.
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