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Holocaust Petition

Tue May 2, 2006, 11:23 AM
Allow me to state for the record that the Holocaust was terrible.  It was real.  It was the embodiment of human evil, and I weep every time I consider the unimaginable things those poor people must have endured.  It horrifies me to consider the depths that people can sink to, and I feel exalted to think of the miraculous endurance and persistence of those who were able to survive it and make lives for themselves afterward.  And in no way does its existence lead me to forget that such hateful genocide and persecution has happened before, and since, and I am utterly against the mindset that can so dehumanize *any* individual that a person feels free to perform such acts upon them.

So you cannot imagine how I felt when I came across this petition:… started it, apparently (…), in response to all the anti-Holocaust stuff, racist art, and things that he's seen posted here on DeviantArt.

No, I bet you really can't imagine my reaction, which was, "I'm not signing that!"  I was disgusted.

You're probably outraged now, and justly so.  But before you leave my page and never return again, do me the favor of listening to my reasoning.

I am offended and repulsed by the thought processes of such people (not the petition signers, but the people it's meant to shut up).  Silencing them doesn't change their opinion.  If they still believe the Holocaust didn't happen, or that the Jews (or gays, or Catholics, or gypsies) deserved what was coming to them, then what does it matter whether they SAY so or not?  They'll still do all the harm they would have done anyway.  They'll go out there into the world and act exactly the same as they would have before you gagged them.  

If you can't change what they believe, then by God have the fortitude to listen to them and understand that such hatred is out there.  It's the only way you can do anything about it.  Has anyone considered the irony of instituting this policy on an ART SITE?  Artists, of all the people on the planet, should understand this.  Artists and writers are the ones with the power to show the truth, to counteract this hateful, bigoted speech.  Silencing them does nothing, except set a precedent for YOU to be silenced.  It's not winning an argument if the other person simply stops arguing.  If you despise what they're saying, then speak up yourself!

Edit the first:  I posted this to my LJ, and it's seen some absolutely fascinating conversation about the issue:…

Edit the second:  If you happen to meet someone who *doesn't* believe in the Holocaust, here is an excellent website resource:… Holocaust History Project

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elfummel Featured By Owner May 10, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I cant express my opinion better than you and SodiumNoir just did, so I'll say that I agree with you 100 %!
SodiumNoir Featured By Owner May 5, 2006
I agree as well. Freedom of speech has to work both ways. me, being one of those groups who lost millions in the Holocaust (O Poramous - the Great devouring to us) I am of the opinion that I'll react individually.

They're fee to support the acts, I'm free to smack 'em in the face with an ashtray if they are stupid enough to do so in earshot of me. I'm free to read the facts and come to my own conclusion based 9on reality and not self loathing or desperate fear of the truth. Thats the beauty of the free world our fathers and grandfathers fought to keep for us.

hateful people will always be hateful because the reasons that make them so cannot be healed with our opinions or deniel of their existence. they will continue to fear the unknown or to despise themselves no matter what we do so let them rant in thier weakness and suffering. The ideas of the mentally defcient really won't ever effect my life except providing me with amusement and proof that I am actually better than them. Thats a positive effect they are having already!!

The worst they can do is galvanise healthy individuals to actions that lead to their eventual demise in a more permanent manner. Censoring the unintelligent simply makes them underground heroes to thier fellow imbeciles and gives thier words more weight than they deserve.

The world needs evil and stupidity out in the open, without it we have nothing to avoid falling into and no lessons to learn. If you can't read the ideas of a fuckwit, how will we know they are a fuckwit?
EarthboundSatyr Featured By Owner May 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Julia, if it helps, I agree whole-heartedly. :)
Suyeta Featured By Owner May 2, 2006
I second that, sister!
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May 2, 2006