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Wed Sep 6, 2006, 3:18 PM
I have, like, fifteen things I want to color and no time to do it!  And when I do have time, my stupid wrist hurts.  Wah!  Wah, I say!  Wah!

Anyway, I finally discovered openCanvas a little while back, and have purchased myself a copy.  I love it.  Hugging and squeezing doesn't begin to cover it.  I still like Photoshop too, but the ability to just...draw on my computer...YEE!  I'm finding myself far more inclined to actually draw backgrounds using that.  They're such a hassle for me on traditional paper.  I draw the figures, and then lose interest.  But noodling around in a medium where I can just click a button to fix mistakes?  Oh yes, please!

Oddly, it's a bit harder for me to draw people, in some ways.  I begin to discover the allure of a larger tablet.  Mine's a widdle 4x5 guy, which generally is enough for me, and more than enough for my wallet, but it feels a bit odd compared to having a swathe of paper before me that I can roam about on unimpeded by edges and the need for scrolling.  Not that the scrolling bit would be helped by a larger tablet.  That'd need a bigger monitor, and *that* is not happening anytime terribly soon.  Mine's 19" as it is, which makes me feel like a whiner.

Yes, alright, so I am a whiner.

In other news, I'm feeling the burn of RAM--or rather, lack of it.  I cranked my virtual memory up to around 3 gigs, which is making my programs run more smoothly, but my onboard RAM is a measly 256MB.  And there it will stay until I get a new motherboard, because my computer is that damn old.  While I'm at it, I would like newer USB, a case that isn't decrepit, and, oh, a new CPU, why not?  Mine probably won't fit anything currently on the market anyway.  The happy thing about all this is that with NewEgg, I can actually purchase all this shininess for about $250 to $300!  And then I'll probably cart it northward and bond with my dad over computer innards. :D  He loves this stuff.

No, there's nothing of significance going on in my life.  Why do you ask? :D

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September 6, 2006