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The Golden Grave by Xaotl
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Published: October 29, 2007
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Lineart by Xaotl ([link]) who was awesome enough to give me permission to color this. Don't touch him, or she'll do horrible things to your spleen. From MILES AWAY. She's got the Sith Force-spleen-choke thing going.

I am amused because she and I both apparently imagined his coat* as purple, though she never mentioned anything about the colors on the picture.

Anyway, I wanted to color it because when I first looked at it, I imagined it with the light coming up from the water to illuminate the whole scene, and when she mentioned more gold being in the water, I thought that'd look AWFULLY cool, and I wanted to try it...

As you can see, I failed at gold in the water. But you're the judge of whether I succeeded at the light. Xaotl, you rock. Thank you!

* DOUBLET! It's called a doublet! Thank you, Madartiste!
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xaotlHobbyist General Artist
((re-faves so this comes up on display again in my faves, because I'm crazy like that. :3))
Bluesrat's avatar
Aw, I didn't know you could do that!

Speaking of. After I get done with what I'm working on now, I'm inclined to practice my coloring. Have anything in your gallery you'd like to see colored but can't find the motivation to do yourself?
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xaotlHobbyist General Artist
@_@ bweee. I need to get through my comments more often.
Anything you feel like sweetie! <3333 I love your coloring!
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Okay, here it is! [link] I hope you still love my coloring. :)
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KakusaiHobbyist Digital Artist
The coloring is very nice. The details really bring a whole lot of depth to the picture. Nice color choices, and the picture is very well done. ^^ I really like how you did the details in the tree. X3
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That's awesome... I really like that style, especially on the tree. Great work with all the details!

And the light from the water looks pretty amazing, too.
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clayscenceProfessional Digital Artist
wow1!!! i love it, nice drawing!!! i love the style
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Thank you! I adore Xaotl's drawings, myself, and every so often I just can't resist trying my hand at coloring one.
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xaotlHobbyist General Artist
-I- rock? look at this thing! It's awesome! <333
*runs off with a huge ass armload of coloring ideas* :ninja: :flee:
Bluesrat's avatar
Hee hee hee, I have inspired! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
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xaotlHobbyist General Artist
<3333 Soon enough. :D
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FastfoodProfessional Traditional Artist
Wow, very cool, nice work!
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Very interesting. Very colorful! nice! :)
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Nicely done, although I do agree that a more burnished would be a nice touch.
Bluesrat's avatar
Thanks. :) Honestly, I don't know that the burnished look would've been right. I wanted the kind of glow you get by projecting light through water. But a more golden color might be interesting. Maybe I'll fuss with it and see how that would look.
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Murasaki99Student Traditional Artist
Wow, I love it! The light shining up through the water is excellent, as is the rest of the scene.

How do you work it so the pencils are still visible over/under the color? I have yet to figure out some skills like that.

If there is gold actually lying under the water reflecting light upward, the 'glow' would be golden - like Jagash says above, a lower saturation or maybe a layer of less-opaque gold would do.

Now I'll have to check out Xaolt's work, too. Thanks for the link.
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I put the pencil art on the top layer, with the layer blend set to "Multiply." This washes out the whites and leaves the darks showing against the lower layers.
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JagashHobbyist Digital Artist
The water, skin and clothing are awesome. With regards to the gold, a more burnished colour (lower saturation, more toward the orange) would likely work out better.

Tres cool. :)
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I did not even think of it at the time. I should've gone with a golden glow! :D

Actually, a bit more seriously, I'm not sure whether it would've looked as good. But with the way I colored the picture, I think I can make the tweak and see.
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