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Steamy Lydia
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Published: January 21, 2008
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Well, there's a bit of that steampunk Star Wars going around, you know, and our particular group...well, we do like the Star Wars, and the steampunk, and our GM is just a sucker for a Victorian setting. So when my sister remarked one day how easy it would be, really, to have a planet where people tapped geothermal power and preferred the aesthetic of a simpler time, it simply became a matter of fate.

And of course I had to draw it.

Before she became a Jedi apprentice, Lydia lived as a street waif on Chandrila. But after the plucky little thief came to the aid of the crew, she found a home with them.
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Murasaki99Student Traditional Artist
Oh boy, Oliver Twist meets the Jedi!! This sounds like so much fun! Love the pencil work on this series, it is looking so good.

*whispers* She'd make a good warcaster, you know... :D
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Oh, gosh. A kid thief, with Jedi potential... who never got to finish her apprenticeship before getting thrust into the Rebellion? What a brilliant way to take one of my favorite old stereotypes and give it new life!

Darn it. Now story ideas are bubbling in my head. I want to play, darn it!
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Lydia is pretty awesome. The game is post-Rebellion, actually, around 15 years after the movies, so there are still leftover messes to clean up. Lydia got caught in a slave ring that was kidnapping Force-sensitive kids and trading them to certain interests. She was resourceful enough to escape, but she lost her parents and was taken in by an old Jedi who'd hidden out from the Empire. He started training her, but he died before long, and Lydia inherited a small batch of orphans he'd been protecting.

Which is how the crew came across her. They tracked the slave ring to this planet, where they encountered Lydia and the other kids when she stole their credit chips to buy food. Most of the children were returned to their homes, but they were never able to find Lydia's parents, so she went back to the Jedi instead.

Now she's learning to be a Jedi healer, but she's still a sneaky, underhanded child with a wary streak and a smart mouth. She's saved their bacon a couple of times by not trusting random NPCs they took up with, but the great thing about her is that despite everything, she *is* a child, and while she's very competent (and distressingly world-wise), sometimes she acts her age.
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Oh, right. The art. *^_^* Brilliant design work, there. Love the Victorian Tomboy approach I had mentioned earlier - the coat and the hat are /exactly/ what was needed for the character, and the kneepads are a great touch!
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