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Snow Globes Lineart

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Published: October 9, 2009
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OMG, more inking! Apparently I can only ink things my mind has labeled as "cartoony." *sigh* Based on the Paul Dini/TAS versions of the characters, but I changed them up just a touch to add a bit more interest to a still picture.

Still on my "change it up" kick and feeling like all my own ideas are stuck in a rut, I've been going about asking friends to suggest things for me to draw. Mr. Freeze is courtesy of my sister, who's been a bit obsessed with Batman lately. The Riddler (with his Batman snow globe) was an add-on by a friend who finds Nigma's somewhat sad obsession with Batman creepily entertaining.

I started sketching it, then lo and behold it desired to be inked! Or maybe I subconsciously wanted an excuse to fire up Illustrator. Either way, it's still amateur hour, but I'm making a little progress. Feel free to ply me with your advice on this one!

If anybody wants to try their hand at coloring, help yourself to the download feature for the full-sized version! Just send me a link when you finish so I can ooooh and aaaah over it.
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freeze looking a lil shorter than i remeber. nice pic tho
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TAS Mr. Freeze was incredibly awesome. His episodes were amongst some of the best of the episodes... and when he showed up in Batman Beyond, the pattern persisted.
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And here I thought I was the only one to indulge in fantasies about the Riddler owning an action figure of Batman.....

.....makes sense!!
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*laugh* Well, seeing as he spends the entire Arkham Asylum game going, "Look at me! Look at me! I know the Joker's on a rampage, but I'm much more interesting!"
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Aha, but that's the Riddler all right. XD Talk about narcissistic personality disorder! Such an attention-seeker, poor fellow.

What I think they got wrong about him in that videogame, was that they pushed too much and too openly on the "dark and creepy" factor. Nay, that's not the Riddler. Eddie is more like, an outgoing, sarcastic, funny and possibly very irritating fellow, who appears to be perfectly sane and not dangerous.... even though he only *appears* to. The fact that he mostly seems sane and quite harmless, is part of the character's charm... and more importantly, it makes him much creepier than just presenting him as a creepy individual (like the videogame does instead). BTAS did a good job with Eddie, even though they hardly gave him any episode worth watching.

By the way,, I just took a look at your journal here, and you say you're in need of different subjects. Not to sound arrogant or something, but I can provide pretty much any type of subject if you need that.
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I thought the video game did a pretty good job with him. He is more low-key than a lot of Batman's villains, but then the only really creepy thing I remember him doing in the video game was the baby joke; and he does come out with morbid stuff like that once in a while, probably just to get attention.

Poor Riddler. He gets no love. Except for "Hush."

I'm stocked on subjects at the moment. Like I said, I've been polling my friends for ideas for pictures. But thanks for the offer!
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Mmmh, not sure. Listen at his patient interviews: to me, he looked as if he came out as a psycho since the very first tape - and that's not how it should be. Sure, the videogame's Riddler was still a very good Riddler, but I guess there still hasn't been a version of him that proved superior to the one seen in BTAS (which, by the way, was rather similar to the videogame's interpretation, minus the kiddie-rating censorship).
I really shouldn't be nitpicking anyway: the videogame still did an excellent job; if anything because it got a lot of players to finally appreciate the character. :P

"Hush" storyline was horrible in my opinion.... :/ I read it because everyone said how good Eddie is in that series, but really, it was.... pretty bad? Just last day I was commenting about how nonsensical it was that Edward would still have his fancy clean clothes, and a crosswords magazine, and even a dangerous sharp pen.... while he was in the cell of the asyulum???? Sheesh, talk about bad writing....
It's really difficult to find satisfying Riddler stories; but I thought the King Tut arc in the "Batman Confidential" comics was one of the best Riddler comics I've ever read.

Anyway, I see a recent tendency in trying to re-evaluate the character, giving him the importance he should deserve. Just as soon as they don't confuse "re-evaluating" with "making him dark and gorey while he's not".
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Batman: Arkham Asylum was written by Paul Dini, so that'd be why the character interpretation is so similar. He might've come off crazier in the interviews...the baby riddle is the only thing I can remember offhand that stands out, but I haven't listened to them recently, so I might be forgetting.

He really is a rather overlooked villain, especially for apparently being on the villain A-list. I'm glad they're bringing him out a bit more again these days, and I hope they don't go gorey with him too. I've always liked his sense of class; we've already got the Joker for the over-the-top homicidal mania.
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I agree with you; the Riddler never got much exposition even though he's supposed to be one of the main villains.... and now that they're finally taking him more seriously, let's just hope they don't get the character's essence wrong by making him darker and gorier. One of the things I like about him is his class with the fact that he's probably one of the less violent enemies in all the rogue gallery. Unfortunately, many Batman writers seem to think that a villain doesn't convey "danger" and "evil" unless he's an homicidal maniac.... but I think the real challenge and writing skill is precisely in conveying that sense of danger and evilness in someone as apparently mild as the Riddler.

Even though B: AA was written by Paul Dini, I didn't fully notice his typical style.... it clearly had also influence by other collaborators.
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Yeah, he definitely went more Silent Hill with it, as opposed to the noir of TAS.

The beauty of Batman's villains when they're well-written is in the shades of their insanity. That's what makes them so scary, not their body count or how much blood they splash on the walls. Crane, for example, isn't interested in killing people at all. What he wants is frankly far more terrifying. If people happen to die while he's working on it...well, more's the pity, since it leaves him with fewer experimental subjects.

The Riddler is the same way. His danger doesn't rise from being murderous. It's that he doesn't even see people. If someone dies when he's at his games, it's usually accidental (or motivational: "Can you solve my puzzle before the bomb goes off?") and it registers for him about as much as losing a chess piece. In that sense, one thing about AA was on target; his game there is just to show up Batman by hacking his signal and counting trophies. No fatalities required. And that's threatening enough, considering how many of Batman's guarded secrets play out over his comm system.
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That's SOOOO funny. I'm glad you explained where the image came from, though, since I doubt anyone who didn't hear that conversation would quite get it.
Can't wait to take a whack at coloring it myself. If I ever get my other stuff done. :P
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