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My Dream Guy by Bluesrat My Dream Guy by Bluesrat
The other night I had a dream about a group of adventurers who stumbled into an underground chamber where people were standing frozen like statues.

After freeing two of them from the spell holding them, the adventurers took them back home to learn more about the chamber. On the way (while floating down a river that passed my hometown), they were mobbed by a gang of bandits who were actually private soldiers and the knight they'd freed saved their lives by fighting them off.

Later, this fellow wanted to go back to the secret room to learn more about what had happened to him, and some of the adventurers went with him. But when they got there, someone had been alerted by the breaking of the spells, and now the place was like evil wizard central, so they had to escape. They did so by bargaining with one of the sorceresses who the mysterious man knew. In return for information, she got them out.

The whole dream was done in a Dreamworks/Disney animation style. This guy in particular was so vivid that I wanted to do a sketch before I forgot what he looked like. He's not quite right--he had a stronger jaw--but I couldn't get it right so I just messed with a bit of color and threw it up. I might try again. One of the interesting things about the look of the dream was that, in order to designate magic, lines were inked in gold rather than black. I think I'd like to try that, just to see whether it'd look like I dreamed it would.

There was another adventurer, a thin man with floppy black hair and a red jerkin, who stuck in my mind somewhat too, but not as much as this one.
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May 29, 2009
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