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Felix and Mildmay by Bluesrat Felix and Mildmay by Bluesrat
Characters from Sarah Monette's "Doctrine of Labyrinths" series (Melusine, The Virtu, The Mirador). She describes them so vividly; after I got done reading the first two, I just had to try to draw them.

They're brothers whom she describes as looking uncannily alike. The shorter, younger one--known as Mildmay the fox--is a thief and sometime assassin, gutter trash born and bred. Though he can be a decent sort, he's habitually withdrawn, wary, and distrustful. The taller one is Felix, a court wizard (of which his tattoos are a badge of office) who's obstinate, arrogant, self-absorbed, and probably slightly unhinged, though he's also charismatic and entertainingly snarky to people who tend to deserve it.

They have a complex relationship--very protective but not quite trusting of one another--and I was hoping to get the sense of that here. I think I did, but on the other hand, while I like the look of Mildmay (the shorter one), I'm not really pleased with Felix. But whatever. I figure I'll post it anyway in case any fans of the books will get a kick out of it.

But I have to give props to :iconthe-earthbound-satyr:, who did fanart of the two of them that came out far better than mine. Felix ([link]) and Mildmay ([link]). Her Mildmay, especially, is IT. That's exactly how I imagine him, and I think you can see that though I honestly didn't mean to, I definitely took a cue from the body language in her portrayal of him.

Now I've got to go hunt up the third book.
EarthboundSatyr Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the mad props. :) I love your versions of them, btw. :D
chreana Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2007
Awesome! I really like your Mildmay. There's not enough fan art for this series! :)
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