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Dr. Tillingtast by Bluesrat Dr. Tillingtast by Bluesrat
Practicing my realism. I've had trouble finishing anything I'd think of as a "full picture," but I've been sketching and doodling a lot--especially faces. This one let me finish it--which is sometimes exactly how it feels. :) I'm fairly pleased. I have a habit of drawing pretty, smooth-faced people (not uncommon, right? Most of us like the pretty :)), but that can get a bit boring as they tend to lack the lines and contours that give a face so much character. So I decided to draw someone a bit older and less beautiful. I drew this particular picture without any reference, but I'd just spent a week sketching faces from photographs to practice features, and I think it shows.

The subject of the sketch is fictional: one Dr. Tillingtast, a character from our Werewolf/Mage RPG. Tillingtast is a Son of Ether and an English supremacist who believes the world's destiny lies in the grandeur of a reborn British Empire. He's also a bombastic parody of a Victorian gentleman who's hilarious more often than he's menacing--but that doesn't make him any less dangerous. He's irrationally wealthy, well-connected, and a brilliant Scientist (aka mage). He's also unaccountably fond of poor Ambrose Quintrell (my Etherite, who is now terrified to visit England), whom Tillingtast apparently thinks is his best friend or destined apprentice or something else kinda creepy.
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May 29, 2008
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