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Costuming practice I by Bluesrat Costuming practice I by Bluesrat
This is nobody in particular. I just wanted to practice my costuming, especially when it comes to detailing.

I see some artists who have an absolutely amazing facility with outfits for their characters. Comparatively, mine tend to come off as pretty bland. My steampunk series taught me a lot about excellent costuming (along with most other things in life) being in the details, and it's details that I tend to overlook in my art. Well, if I want to get better and overcome bad habits, the only thing to do is practice practice practice!

Also, I'm kind of pleased with her face. I have a habit of making my characters rather boringly Caucasian, and that's definitely a rut I want to get out of. Why bury myself in a narrow range of facial features and skin tones when there are so many more possibilities out there?

There's nothing specific about her to point toward any definite real-life ethnicity, which is part of the point. You may've noticed I tend to lean toward fantasy and sci-fi. I'm usually not out to draw anything directly comparable to real life; I just want to expand my repertoire.

This only came out so-so compared to what I was going for, but at least I feel I made some progress. She might be fun to color sometime.
tearra Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
Wow, what lovely costuming! You've done a great job with this piece!
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May 29, 2008
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