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Fillyshy meets Okami Amaterasu: Boop!

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Published: August 15, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 Bluesparkks
This is entirely the fault of ~BlackBoltThunder, ~SeelieCourt, and ~Zirusianna.

Flower traced from Google Image result for "flower clip art".
Ammy traced from this: [link]
Parchment Texture: [link]

Drawn entirely in Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch.
I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or any of its respective properties.

[ Changelog ]
-- August 15th, 2012: Initial release.
-- August 16th, 2012: Gave Fillyshy iris highlights, added box blur to Ammy's markings, removed green ring, rearranged signature.

[ To Do List ]
(Possibly) Add Issun.
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FeatherSpiralHobbyist General Artist
Ha! You didn't say you didn't own Amaterasu, that must mean you are stealing her from Clover studios!


This is like adorbs² :iconsoadorableplz:
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Not enough win can be contained when ponies and Amaterasu are in the same picture.
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This would of been cuter if you used Chibiterasu
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Love it! Wish this was an actual game...
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Amaterasu + Fluttershy = Insta-fave! :D
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D'awww! Ammy made a friend!
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Simply amazing, great job!
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Amazing, it's wonderfull, gorgeous, the color and the lines, they... they... Daww!!!
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"To do list: Add Issun"
Ehhhh, don't. My god did I hate him. I think the picture is perfect as it is and doesn't need the addition of that stupid brat. Anyhoof, as for the picture, it's really good. It does look like something you,d find in the game.
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Bunnygirle26Hobbyist Artist
awww so cute
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So cute is been a while since i seen Amy in anything

how i love that game
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I'd like to see her meet with Celestia. Two sun goddesses brought together.
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Where is my PS2... Very nice!
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That's cute.
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CaumenStudent Digital Artist
Really nice style you have there!
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eternalwhitemoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Eeee!! <3

It's perfect, Blue!

<3, Eternal
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BluesparkksHobbyist Writer


(Thanks :3).
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MeatabexHobbyist General Artist
THS IS SO CUTE!!!! I love it! X3
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BluesparkksHobbyist Writer
I think this will be is one of the only 'cute' pictures I've ever drawn...

Thanks xD.
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MeatabexHobbyist General Artist
No problem! :iconfluttershyplz:
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My fault he sez...

I would rather say that it was... Er... Uhm...

Yeah, OK... My fault then.

Let us hope that Eternal doesn't die when she sees it. You know how fragile she is with the Dawbeetus.
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