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The Night Bringer…
Maybe this not what exactly I imagine while listening to this song but I think that it fits quite well as a description to this drawing.
Art by me.
Luna - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust/Hasbro
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Absolute banger Image. I remember it from back in the day before I even had an account. Stunning work.

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Love the contrasting colors, and Luna looks amazing!
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I am in awe
Lovely and beautiful as always
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This is beautiful <3 
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lol I've had this as my iphone wallpaper for a long time now.
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I'm glad to know that my art may give more joy in regular life.
Is there no end to these' MY LITTLE PONY ' mutations!
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This looks fantastic... Very majestic.
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Soooo pretty...I love Luna! ♡
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This looks epic!! :wow:
this looks amazing!!
absolutely stunning!!
beautiful picture!!
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I am a very softcore fan of this series. However, I know good art when I see it, and this is a good example of that. Thank you for allowing my eyes to feast on this work.
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I also consider myself as a rather softcore fan of MLP, I'm not overhyped by such things like Derpy neither have any related merchandise stuff.
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I haven't watched an episode in about one and a half years, but I am not ahsamed to admit that my favorite episode is the Canterlot Wedding one.

After all, this day's going to be perfect.
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Very beautiful Luna, pushing the sun down/away and bringing the night.
I really like how you show day and night in this artwork and Luna dividing them, of course being more part of the night, nice sight. :clap:

Those long hair and wings though. :hug:

(GeorgeXVII's journal brought me here.)
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why is this not a print?!
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