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No need for alliteration,
onomatopoeia, or
iambic pentameter.

Just help me loosen
my buttons, and I’ll
show you what poetry
is all about.
Just having a little fun. :heart:

#9 in ~cypriphobia's June Prompt Challenge - loose
© 2008 - 2021 Blueskye27
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nameisavirtue's avatar
Sir/Ma'am, you are a literary genius. So many poets are judged by there composition of their writings' structure, rather than the words painted on the page. Poetry should be about expression, and you projected that perfectly in this piece.
Blueskye27's avatar
I've been gone a long while and have just discovered your lovely comment. Forgive me for taking so long to respond. Thank you truly for the kind words. :heart:
nameisavirtue's avatar
Sorry, this is embarrasing, I took the expression in a completely different way. Plus sorry for double post. Please ignore my last comment.
moondrunk's avatar
Gets to the point
...all punning intended
Blueskye27's avatar
Love getting to the point. :)
jsting's avatar
this made me laugh out loud, really.

i rarely laugh. thank you.

i just read it again. and again. it still made me chuckle.

now i'm curious, was the poetry a haiku or epic?
Blueskye27's avatar
I'm so glad you liked it. :hug:

And, naturally, loosened button poetry must be epic...
aMidnightMasquerade's avatar
This sums everything up. Period.
Blueskye27's avatar
I'm glad you like it. :hug:
mep-lost's avatar
Cindy, what did I say to you!!! You have it in you to...:lol:
Blueskye27's avatar
:rofl: Maybe I do at that... :heart:
GrahamLeese's avatar
Sassy! I felt like this today!
Blueskye27's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it. :hug:
AlecBell's avatar
I'm not sure sure If I can see you in the role of loose woman, Cindy.

You'd care to much.:)
Blueskye27's avatar
What a lovely thing to say, Alec. Thanks. :hug:
ColonelFitz's avatar
Uh-oh... Where this is going, I cannot follow. ;P
Blueskye27's avatar
That's right! Close your eyes! :D
praytell's avatar
once again, spaking right to the point, eh, you horn-dog:)
Blueskye27's avatar
Well, when you get to be my age, you don't have time to be misunderstood. :D
praytell's avatar
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