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thousands of
  wasted words
and still
      no poems
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 23 19
my joy in you
  was short lived
my sorrow
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 25 28
the open road
the road beckons
and I will answer
I will ride Highway 65
until my gas money gives out
and leave my tired Buick
in a soft ditch with the kudzu
I'll walk until I find
a place that touches me –
a soft patch of cool grass
with a view of the whole big sky –
a quiet place
where I can lay myself down
and no longer weep
with weariness
the stars will shine down
from the sea of night
and I'll smile when
I close my eyes
knowing I can now
run on
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 19 45
Tank Away 11
The winter solstice
has passed. Winter nights will shorten,
hearts warming with hope.
And from the soft, hushed darkness,
a new sun begins to rise.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 19 20
running errands
it's not the
eggs or milk
or bread
that I'm after
it's the sound
is quiet
and when
the silence
I must
fill it
other people's
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 21 29
he's gone
ever searching for
greener pastures
and she droops
like a flower
in the rain
waiting again
for his
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 20 11
he's good to me
we eat at nice places
and never argue
he's gentle in bed
but he isn't you
we lived on
peanut butter,
ramen noodles
and the world faded
when you came
into view
disappeared utterly
when you took me
in your hands
he loves me
you almost killed
me with your leaving
but if you roared back
into my world tomorrow
he'd be forgotten by
the time we reached
the highway
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 30 54
since you've gone
your memory lay upon my world
like a shadow across the sun
a point of impenetrable darkness
for which there is
no remedy
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 22 39
some nights,
dreams aren't enough
when the ache
runs deep,
I need more than
remembered embraces,
imagined trysts,
more than hopes
of tomorrow, next week,
next year
I want the truth
of your bulk
beside me when
I turn
in the dark,
the reality
of warm skin
not my own,
the unknowing
of lonely
but you're not here
(and no one else
  will do)
so I will
toss and turn
in the cold arms
of my dreaming
once more
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 28 50
Tank Away, 9
Resistance weakens.
Perhaps it is I needing
more than you can give.

Fear arises from desire denied.
Love helps us leave fear behind.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 16 25
Tank Away, 8
It might have happened,
the moment might have blossomed,
but you drew away.
Forgive me, but you beckoned
with eyes that needed too much.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 16 19
I was born as
clean and bright as
a new penny,
my soul sparkling
at the surface.
But as the years
go by, my spirit
sinks further
and further
into hiding.
No manner of
buff and
polish works
to revive
my shine
as life
begrimes me
with the oil
of too many
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 31 52
Minimum Wage
I told him I'd stay.
Now, in the quiet gap
of night as the
children sleep,
he displays his gratitude.
His body spasms in victory,
muting my silence,
his cry of triumph
the stake at which
I burn
in shame.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 44 49
We share sweet bondage,
enslaved each to the other,
tight bound by unalloyed joy.
Souls and flesh entwined,
years of empty solitude
disappear as we learn love.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 26 14
since loving him,
I'm like a leaf
trailing a tornado
holding my breath
at every erratic shift,
pulled irresistibly on,
at any moment
he could turn
and destroy me
yet still
I can do nothing
but follow
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 33 28
Tank Away, 7
When the past calls me,
I hear your voice once more, raised,
brimming with anger
and I weep with remembrance
as I die slowly alone.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 16 5

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Mature content
Ind :icondownwardssaint:DownwardsSaint 1 2
When I'm Gone
    When I'm Gone
I feel,
That something's wrong tonight,
Something that you won't let show
And I know,
That the time is right,
It's time for me to go
But there is something,
That I want to ask
When I'm gone,
Will my memory last?
When I'm gone,
Will you still think about me?
If I leave,
Will you miss me more everyday?
Will you change...
When I'm gone?
You say,
Everything changes
But did you know,
That this is how we grow?
Do you know if what you feel...
Is real...?
And there is still something,
I want to ask...
When I'm gone,
Will my memory last?
When I'm gone,
Will you remember everything I've said?
If I leave,
Will you think of me as dead?
Will you dream...
When I'm gone?
It is a long and winding road,
That I am on
And I feel so strange,
Thoughts and emotions,
That aren't my own
But if they aren't mine...
Where do they belong?
When I'm gone,
Will you still think about me?
If I leave,
Will you still continue to believe?
Will you miss me more everyday?
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 32 44
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Traffic Jam
Dangerous curves ahead
slippery when wet
you are my traffic jam
of unmarked roads
and head on collisions
of bodies under the sheets
the crash of limbs
and your mouth
wrecks my engine
with the gear twist
of your legs
on soft leather seats.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 0 50


July 20

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 4:43 PM
For C.J.


My beautiful friend C.J. lost her battle with cancer a year ago today.

I've missed her so.

My life was better for knowing her.

Identify Me by e-CJ

I love you, C.J.

C. :heart:

For You, Cindy by peterdawes

Journal layout by lockjavv
Art by isobellefox


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