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ACPC Pose Meme 1 by Bluesky-of-Fire ACPC Pose Meme 1 :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 0 0 Demeon Fakeon bouncy tail flip animation by Bluesky-of-Fire Demeon Fakeon bouncy tail flip animation :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 10 0 Perfecteon by Bluesky-of-Fire Perfecteon :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 2 2 The Face 2     Aphmau Memes by Bluesky-of-Fire The Face 2 Aphmau Memes :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 5 0 The Face 1   Aphmau Memes by Bluesky-of-Fire The Face 1 Aphmau Memes :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 5 0 Met me under the mistletoe Skylander's Christmas  by Bluesky-of-Fire Met me under the mistletoe Skylander's Christmas :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 4 0 Christmas Surprise (UnderTale: Alive AU) by Bluesky-of-Fire Christmas Surprise (UnderTale: Alive AU) :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 2 0 Random Trainer Sprite Practice by Bluesky-of-Fire Random Trainer Sprite Practice :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 1 0 Judgment Hall by Bluesky-of-Fire Judgment Hall :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 5 4 Full Undertale attack Emote by Bluesky-of-Fire Full Undertale attack Emote :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 0 0 UnderTale Alive Sneak Peak by Bluesky-of-Fire UnderTale Alive Sneak Peak :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 6 5 Nymite and Mantrock my fossil bugs by Bluesky-of-Fire Nymite and Mantrock my fossil bugs :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 5 0 Markiplier Subnautica ep70 End? part2 by Bluesky-of-Fire Markiplier Subnautica ep70 End? part2 :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 19 0 Markiplier Subnautica ep70 End? part1  by Bluesky-of-Fire Markiplier Subnautica ep70 End? part1 :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 26 2 Lost Bases4 'Drunk Party' by Bluesky-of-Fire Lost Bases4 'Drunk Party' :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 5 0 Prepping to play True Pacifist by Bluesky-of-Fire Prepping to play True Pacifist :iconbluesky-of-fire:Bluesky-of-Fire 2 0


Rosalina's Rules of Cosmic - page 8 of 8 by TheGTC Rosalina's Rules of Cosmic - page 8 of 8 :iconthegtc:TheGTC 24 3 DOLL: Meanwhile in the dungeon by Roxygonzalez DOLL: Meanwhile in the dungeon :iconroxygonzalez:Roxygonzalez 34 119 Request for TheGr8estOne by TSM-Draws Request for TheGr8estOne :icontsm-draws:TSM-Draws 30 24 Another Pinned Down Base by khl1 Another Pinned Down Base :iconkhl1:khl1 352 24 Lap Base by khl1 Lap Base :iconkhl1:khl1 398 25 .:I'll be gentle my love:. by khl1 .:I'll be gentle my love:. :iconkhl1:khl1 362 46 .:First Time:.Base by khl1 .:First Time:.Base :iconkhl1:khl1 828 86 .:Pinned Down Base:. by khl1 .:Pinned Down Base:. :iconkhl1:khl1 1,431 156 On top of you Base by khl1 On top of you Base :iconkhl1:khl1 496 15 .:Sound Booth:. Base by khl1 .:Sound Booth:. Base :iconkhl1:khl1 483 18 group base by oOLittlePinkyOo group base :iconoolittlepinkyoo:oOLittlePinkyOo 1,743 418 base sing for you by khl1 base sing for you :iconkhl1:khl1 444 76 headphone base by khl1 headphone base :iconkhl1:khl1 526 138 computer and tablet base by khl1 computer and tablet base :iconkhl1:khl1 210 22 day dream base by khl1 day dream base :iconkhl1:khl1 182 14 WE'RE GANNA DIE by khl1 WE'RE GANNA DIE :iconkhl1:khl1 197 38


Origanal Spices Poke-Sprited
i can poke-sprite origanal spices, with perms from spices owners naturaly

so far ive been able to sprite;
Splix (its was a D2A thing though)
Star catchers
Parana Plant ponies
wisp cats (im apart of the group)
Origanal Speices eggs (this one was a Vexxon D2A thing)
GrimaDraken (an Art Trade sprite)

if you have a spices you'd like me toe poke-sprite and or an oc from these youd like to see then feel free to commish me
if your the owner os a spices you'd like to give me perms on trying to sprite then please do so as well X3 9 times out of 10 i'd be coming to ask you if i find you at some point X'D lawl X3 XP 

there vary between 5 sometimes 10 to 15 points depending on how long i take or the diffaculty for me
20 points if your wanting a tiny SIMPLE animasion im still learning those so they take way longer ^^||

please send points to me directly i'm new to the whole transaction thing ^^|| idk how it works completely yet ^^||
something digital-ish
be it a custom adopt, a animal oc ref, or just a surprise critter 
they will cost 50 points
i use and edit linearts before coloring them
but i only edit public linearts like from DragoArt other wise i won't mess with another artists hard work linearts/bases

oh and please send points to me directly i'm new to the whole transaction thing ^^|| idk how it works completely yet ^^||
i could do plant ponies but you must already have one before asking
otherwise you can pick from below X3

normal ponies
My little ponies
other horses
other pony species (gotta ask Species owners though ^^||)

these can vary between 5-10 points be it normal, MLP, or other horses
pony Species (if permission given to make em) will/might be around 10-15 points ^^

oh and please send points to me directly i'm new to the whole transaction thing ^^|| idk how it works completely yet ^^||
Minecraft player/mob skins
they very from 10 to 20 points depending on;

amount of time it takes
difficulty (easy/normal/hard)

thats all

oh and please send points to me directly i'm new to the whole transaction thing ^^|| idk how it works completely yet ^^||
Wisp cat sprites
this commission is for members of :iconwispcats: only if you want one you need to join the group and uptain a wisp cat to comish me for these
oh and please send points to me directly i'm new to the whole transaction thing ^^|| idk how it works completely yet ^^||
Pokemon Sprites
fusions, simple emocons, chaos, poke-portraits, trainers, OC sprites

oh and please send points to me directly i'm new to the whole transaction thing ^^|| idk how it works completely yet ^^||



ACPC Pose Meme 1

[Made in screenshot mode on ACPC and a gif maker app]
Demeon Fakeon bouncy tail flip animation
This was a request i made on an old pokemon community I was alart of long ago i dont remember the name of the person who done this for me back the ^^||

Demeon belongs to me
a :iconfakeonsplz: of someone i know i made his as a surprise for them on amino X3

i used; Espeon, Umbreon, Staraptor, Arcanine and dragonair
(rip spelling on any of those names lol ^^||)

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo


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487 / 3,000
all points will be appreciated
1-5:points:= a fave
5-10:points: = 3 faves
10-20:points:= 8 faves and a llama
20+:points:= 15 faves, a llama, and a watch

PLEASE! Donate points, Animation by imonedesign Work For Points 'Stamp' by Nessarie I Give Llamas For Points by WhitexWinterxWolf Will Draw For Points 8D by Twilight--Hope I can has points? by 2kaze
Credits : xCherryRilakkuma

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Recently a fangamei was recurted for died an unfortunate death v~v and with it an artists design take on my beloved bug bea i created for it but i didnt want him to be thrown away just cuz a fangame didnt pan out but the artist has denied me from using their take on him and it hurts... alot TT^TT i gotta ask fakemon artists around DA if tney would kindly help me here, not to convince the artist to let me use their take on him, no but to help me fall for a different design of him...
I dont want him to go to waste here okay i plan on learning rpg maker and work on my own game once I learn the ropes so naturally big credit WILL be GIVEN if i like what someone does, if anyone, once i do get around to making MY game okay?
So if anyone with a kind heart wishes to help me here on this I'd be grateful maybe even eternity grateful i donno i may even include you in the game itself as a special trainer in a hidden place i plan to make where you get to met and battle the creators who help me the most with the game idk
Anyway th thats all i wanna say my vision is getting blurry so i need to stop typing before i contenue to write out my broken heart since i put that much effort into my bug bea and it sored beond the skies with the artists clean up take on him heh heh heh ^^||
Anyway someone please help me?
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i like to see art on the pages of those whom give me lamas or follow me sometimes and this person has an art theif to deal with so im gonna share their post here as well i do not and will not tolorate art theft of any kind nor to anyone!!!!

<da:thumb id="660030719"/>

so go and help support this poor soul :iconadohr: and lets see if we cant get things changed around for them!
and to :iconadohr: who will be notified of this post because mentions


no one hates art thrift and many people who know/will know about this are behind you X3
so hang in there bucko! Sans Icon 
  • Listening to: 'Control' by Halsey
  • Reading: Undertale au's
  • Watching: Undertale comi dubs and music
  • Playing: Undertale yay XD X3 XP
  • Eating: Brugers
  • Drinking: Apple juice (cider) X3 lol
  • Listening to: 'Control' by Halsey
  • Reading: Undertale au's
  • Watching: Undertale comi dubs and music
  • Playing: not Undertale cuz i dont haz but wants badly TT~TT
  • Eating: Brugers
  • Drinking: Apple juice (cider) X3 lol

My Undertale AU Ideas

.: PlayerTale:.

Story: a player plays the game as you would normally do but after killing off their fav carrie (for my FanFic its Sans of course X’P )on a Genocide run, while realizing the game may not be a game because they start to feel bad about killing the monsters, they feel guilty and heartbroken and reset the game completely and try to go on another Mercy run only to be pulled into the game itself either by Flowey or Chara only to meet with the monsters whom remember you killing them or at lest remembers that tbey died once and are carful around you except your fav carrie who remembers you the most and are either hostile or gentle or alittle bit of both at first twords you as you make your way though the underground and find a way back home.


Any avaliable content so far: my wip fanfic i call “Undertale Alive” so far a title art page as well as a teaser fanart lol xp I’ll link them X3

Undertale ALIVE!? FanFic Title

UnderTale ALIVE!? Part 1 Into the Game?

UnderTale Alive Sneak Peak

Changes?: This is your basic Undertale carries no major changes aside from either remembering they died or rembering that you killed them once


Story: same as PlayerTale only after playing the game once and depending on the route they took Mercy or Genocide the monsters start appearing in real life


*True Mercy route: the monsters appear and start showing up around town confused as to how they got there and why causing humans to panic well becuse their monsters (kinda like yet notmlike when Asrial went to that village way back in the past but this day in age magic in humans doesnt exsit to the point of master wizards able to trap them underground again) and the player starts to run into them and tries to find them a safe place to either hide or live while trying to convince people their nice and have them accepted on the surface.

*Genocide route: depending on whom the player didnt or couldnt kill in this route (say they stoped at killing goat mom or others and felt horrible enough to reset or never go back to the game after dieing thus giving them a 7th soul of sorts to break the barrier) and they appear in town looking for the human that done them wrong even though the barrier is down and their free they feel that the last soul they had gotten wasnt the one who was in control and begain to hunt them down for answers and so on while not being noticed and though of as cosplayers X’D lawl xp but the player knows better they see its realy them and begain to worry.

Who can tribute: same as PlayerTale

Content?: none yet

Changes: clothes to more modern styles when ‘trying’ to blend in and not hunting down the player; Undyn in punk, Sans in comidic t-shirts and hoodies with funny words on them (oh Sans X’D), Papyrus in what ever hes into on the game X’D, Tori in affordable yet pretty dresses, Asgard typacal dad clothes XP, Alphys in lab attire of this century X3, Mettaton a robo pet with Alphys cuz he/she/it a robot X’D, Naps in….. hes a ghost you cant see him anyway X’D so nvm xp, and Flowey……. Hes a flower sooooo no change X’D


Story: a non-player of UnderTale (reasons left to interputasion for me its unable to buy/get cuz parents, mom or dad, are either aginst it or just a dick to even have a copy to play) dreams of a human (male or female aka themselfs) falling into the underground and going though it as seen from videos only adding their own side events but are unable to ‘control’ their ACTsions or what those events are becuse of Chara possessing them as if they were a puppet but only in their dreams as they sleep however in daydreams they do have control but becuse they have a life to live they cant daydream all the time so it becomes hard to progress in the underground the way they want to but are at lest able to interact with the monsters instead whom actions she dont control becuse the underground is a world of its own only able to be visited though powerful enough dreams, meaning the dreamer must have a kind of magic they dont know or cant control or hidden deep with in them, so the monsters are able to confront the dreamer about their actions since last visit as to why they keep dissapering every night until the reasons for them becom known and the monsters the dreamer interacts with the most do their best to counter-act the dreamers un-controled nightly acts (lol try saying that 3 times fast X’D ‘conter-act un-controled nightly acts’ XP) pissing a confused Chara off ^^|| though out the dreamers advance though the underground the become attached to the world and wish to stay there but cant at the same time Chara controls the dreamer one night and finds this out and plots a way to make it happen te dreamer then becoms sick after awhile and the monsters begin to worry for the dreamer shows signs of falling into a coma and begain to quickly plan a way to be rid of Chara for good before that happens and Chara gains a forever body in doing so causing the dreamer to no longer exist but it becomes to late the dreamer falls into the coma one night and Chara gains control just as the monsters figure out how to be rid of Chara and must act fast useing the 6 souls in their possession to do so but at a price the price of the dreamers life in their waking world.

Content?: none yet but i am working on this

Changes: the clothes they were of some monsters includng Sans and the other main 6 monsters subing Grillby in Alpys place also since this is a world of its own they also have a wardrobe with outfits from other au’s X’D lol xp for like costumes and special events and such X3 hee he XP

# Mood-SwingS#

|Witch route| |Who you deal with| |results|

Genocide  Normal Sans   turning him into UF!Sans

Pasifest      UF!Sans         turning him into normal Sans

Neutral      normal sans/UF!Sans    no change

In this AU Sans changes depending on the choices you make;

In Genocide where you kill everyone including Sans and you dont erase the world but start a new game instead he will remember and turn mean as well as well as any other monsters you killed in that run be it a True Genocide or not meaning characters like Papyrus would turn into UF!Papyrus as well when you go to play a neutral run or Pasifest run.

In the Pasifest run youd be dealing with UF!Sans whom you WILL fight theres no option in that but only in Jugment hall any other time you run into him he just acts rude and upon meeting him the first time he tries to trick you to your death via hand shake (no whoopies here) with a ‘joy’ buzzer (it sends deathly volts though you) or a straped on spike thats poisoned witch chips away at your health. As for all Pasifest routes go your able to spare the UF monsters that turned they wont change they'll just act less rude around you and the more you interact with them they act nice-ish around you (kind but rude at the same time like: ‘Hey brat! Just shut up and let me look out for ya, okay!’) upon sparing all monsters this route they become normal monsters the next game (if that wasnt clear alright)

In Neutral runs it depends on which of the above you DID FIRST;

*Genocide-Neutral: you deal with normal monters so no change really no Sans fight

*Pasifest-Neutral: you deal with UF monsters and you dont HAVE to fight UF!Sans he gives you a choice if youd rather fight or not giving you the choice to dust him or not as well (please note that if killed, Papyrus will still be UF!Papyrus bent on killing you no matter what route you go after this neutral route choice if you kill UF!Sans)

{Also note that results of normal Pasifest and normal Genocide (true or not) still apply for the neutral runs}

Who can tribute: anyone can there are multiple way this AU can go about

Content?: none atm

Changes?: aside from being a switch up or Undertale to UnderFell…...nope not really

🐎.HarvestTale: UnderSoul Parade.🐍

(yes its a HarvestMoon/Undertale Crossover don't judge me)

Story: the story begains with you falling into the UnderGround (like that isn't new) and land in Floweys Garden. Flowey then informs you of where you are and whats going on down here he will then proceid to ask you questions about yourself birthday, favorite food, and name. Flowey will then ask you if you would free them from the underground. (there is not a dening answer) After doing so Flowey will then disappear into the ground upon feeling magic coming your way. Toriel, the Harvest Mother appears and greets you and shows you to vacant house where-in you will be living in here underground. (yes yes i made a pun i made Toriel the TuTorial character don’t judge me X’D)She doesn't look so good, once you’ve learned how to live there she leads you to the door that leads to Snowdin forest and though it Snowdin Village. Before she departs however 5 Little monsters greet you and beg you to save the Harvest Mother as she disappears in pain from having to use magic to contact you in such a manner. you must obey their prompting to visit the Mother's Spring to find out why shes in peril. When you travel to the Harvest Mother's Spring, you learn that the Harvest Mother's SoulTrees are dying and that the power of nature is fading from the Underground causing cave-ins and falling rocks from above while the land becomes parched and dry. It’s up to the human to revive the seven SoulTrees and give the Harvest Mother her power back to restore life to the Underground. you will need to find the 7 SoulTrait bells guarded by 7 monsters; Memory Head guards Integrity, Endogeny guards the Patience bell, Reaper Bird guards the Perseverance bell, Lemon Bread guards the Bravery bell, Snowdrake's Mother guards the Kindness bell, Whimsalot guards the Justice bell and W. D. Gaster guards the Determination bell. (come on you had to see that one coming X’D ) Each of the bells has an individual song that will restore crucial aspects of the underground. Once you do that and gain the Farm Degree title of Hero, the 7 bells are rung in unison to revive the seven SoulTrees and give the Harvest Mother her power back to restore life and the power of nature to the Underground. With all 7 SoulTrees revived the barrier will break setting everyone free at last.

Fuku Fire 




Changes: LOTS OF EM!

*this AU is PEACEFUL no L.O.V.E here just 💖 love 💖 XP

*you can no mercy this but you don't be-friend anyone or try to start a life with one of the 3 Bachelors/Bachelorettes /: how sad is that

*the Bachelors are; Grillby he comes with a daughter Fuku (cuz i say so xp), Papyrus (fan girls scream X’D ) but if married Sans moves in as well (Me: YOLO X’D ), and of course Sans himself (*FANGIRLS* XD ) he WILL WORK while you're not looking or around and sleep or be lazy when you are for laughs and funny convos with his brother X’D hes often seen with your kid(s) either playing or being drawn on if asleep X’D Papyrus Duo IconThe lazy bones Sans Icon 

*The Bachelorettes are; Alphys she’ll try to make farm life easier with her science, Undyne beware she’ll MAKE you work harder if you don't keep things up X’D as well as help you, and Mettaton (cuz shes female here so get over it and its MY AU) she will…. Well…… try to fashionize all your animals including yourself and the kid(s) X’D

*if you BREAK PAPS HEART by marrying someone else even him if you befriended Paps to the point where he like you back and you change your mind on marring Papyrus or something Sans will be angry with you till things are patched up if you manage to do so then he will just be cautious of you checking up on you EVERY NOW and AGAIN (lol a ‘BAD TIME’ perhaps XP ) Bad time (icon) 

*Grillby will still have his Bar to tend to and will be around home when its closed Request duo Icon Grillby (with Sans)  and Fuku will be helping you around the farm instead (if married)  

*Mettaton will still have her show and will sometimes broadcast you working on the farm and try to make it more exciting for ratings X’D (if married) Chibi Mettaton Emoticon 

*this AU is more funny than anything X’D

*Alphys and Undyne will marry each other if not to you Undyne duo IconAlphys Duo Icon  as well as Mettaton and Papyrus Request duo Icon Mettaton (and Papyrus)Request duo Icon Papyrus (and Mettaton) 

*if not married nothing will change for Grillby and Fuku will work at his bar but if made friends with can be asked to help on the farm sometimes

*Sans will stay himself if not wed to anyone nor will he wed anyone because hes too lazy to pursue anyone not interested X’D (oh Sansy X’D ) The lazy bones Sans Icon 

*Asgore is the King of the Underground (of course) Asgore Icon  but he has a crush on the Harvest Mother whom has no interest in him at first  

*the 5 little monsters are Froggit, froggit icon(ftu)  Snowdrake, Snowdrake's Father Icon(ftu)  Vulkin, Vulkin Icon  Astigmatism, Astigmatism Icon (ftu)  and…….. ~_~ Temmie Bob Icon  (1st au with temmies *sigh* )

*Flowey is NICE in this AU HOW CRAZY is that XD lol xp he helps you from time to time popping up in the flower bed next to your house to blend in so no one sees him but you Flowey-chan wants to be noticed by Frisk-senpai 

*i have no surface story plot of how they ended up in the underground im afriad /: So Sorry 

*since Asgore and Toriel were never a thing in this AU Asriel wont exist aside from being Flowey maybe one day if they ever get together Toriel will come across Flowey and change him into a child for her and Asgore name Asriel X3 Asriwell 

*M.K will befriend your kid(s)

                   Amalgamate endogeny Dog Icon 
Beasts rose The Human and the Monster Beasts rose 
                   Amalgamate endogeny Dog Icon 
Story: this is basically a Beauty and the beast meets Cinderella kind of story im going for ^w^ only undertale obviously X3

Content?: i only have a Prolog  rn and its your basic undertale opening story but with added bits of what order the monsters fled into the mountain and how you know?

Changes?: hmm aside from the introduction of the human (beauty/cinderella) character and it being a Beauty and the beast meets Cinderella kind of undertale story umm... not much really lol ^^||

PLEASE NOTE! That in my AUs theres an age chart so people wont get confused upon going into these so here we go X3

Sans - 26

Papyrus - 28

Player/Dreamer - PT/GT: any age, CT/MS/HT: 25

Undyn - 27

Alpys - 20 (cuz sempi notice me reasons X’D lol xp)

Mettaton - 28 (though appears ageless)

Tori - 30

Asgor - 32

Grillby - 24 - 34 (cuz of oc pairings with him lol)

Monster kid (Dennis cu he looks like one X’D imo) - 10

Chara - unknown

Frisk - none Player/Dreamer takes their place thus doesn't exist

Flowey/Asrial - F*-20, A*-10 (cuz Floweys been around longer than Asrial has even though they are one in the same)

  • Listening to: 'Control' by Halsey
  • Reading: Undertale au's
  • Watching: Undertale comi dubs and music
  • Playing: not Undertale cuz i dont haz but wants real TT~TT
  • Eating: Mac N Cheese
  • Drinking: Brisk Tea


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My birthday badge

:iconrequestsopen: :iconnokiribans: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconcollabsfriendsonly: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen: :icongiveallamagetallama:…
MEEP I'm a mystery! X3

Current Residence: STALKER! DX
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop, country
Favourite style of art: chibies
Favourite cartoon character: same as fav movie and fave game
Personal Quote: "idk i dont have one yet"

Fav plz accounts:
:iconmccreeperplz: :iconcreeperlaplz: :iconcreeper--plz: :iconmccreeper: :iconminecraftcreeper: :iconwtfboomplz:
:icondiscordshrugplz: :iconmlpdiscordplz: :icondiscord-plz:
:iconiloveyouplz: :iconidontthinksobetchplz: :iconcutecryplz: :iconurajerkplz: :iconkawaiifaceplz: :iconexcitedpinkielaplz: :iconyuihugplz: :iconabububuplz: :iconelectricityplz: :iconexcitedhiplz: :iconspazattackplz: :iconyeahplz: :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconepicclapplz: :iconsadnessplz: :iconitsfreezingplz: :icondepressedonionplz: :iconmiseryplz: :iconyesvictoryplz: :iconwasplz: :iconhereplz: :iconblooddeathplz: :iconraepfaceplz: :icongrinfaceplz: :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz: :iconbummiesplz: :iconplaywithfireplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconsmb--rosalina: :iconohpleaseplz: :iconimsorryplz: :iconbegplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconthinkingplz: :iconpikachuhugplz: :iconshizayaglompplz: :iconhowtololplz::iconultimateomnomplz:
:icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2: :icondragonlick: :icondragoncomfort: :icondragondrink: :icondragoneat: :icondragonhug: :icondragonscratchplz: :icondragontailfast: :icondragonmusicplz: :icondragonnod1: :icondragonnodplz: :icondragonyell: :icondragongrin: :icondragonwant: :icondragonlaughplz: :icondragonweep: :icondragonspif: :icondragondizzy: :icondragonshy2plz: :icondragontired: :icondragonshock2: :icondragonshyplz: :icondragoncold: :icondragonsleep: :icondragoncryingplz: :icondragonglomp: :icondragonteaplz: :icondragonbite1: :icondragonbite2: :icondragonawakeplz: :icondragonlaught: :icondragoninsane: :icondragondrivel: :icondragonerrplz: :icondragonhiplz: :icondragonhotplz: :icondragonhuh: :icondragonhuh2plz: :icondragonidleplz: :icondragonmadplz: :icondragonmad2plz: :icondragonshock: :icondragonpet2: :icondragonmanplz: :icondragonprayplz: :icondragonsneezeplz: :icondragonpuplz: :icondragonmosquitoplz: :icondragonstretchplz: :icondragonxpplz: - lol X3 sorry i just love dragons X3 lol XP

<object width="450" height="204"><param name="movie" value="…"><param name="flashvars" value="id=638805178&width=1337"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="…" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="204" flashvars="id=638805178&width=1337" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed></object>
Undervirus Fan Button by Jeyawue on DeviantArt
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Horrortale Fan Button by Jeyawue on DeviantArt
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Underfell Fan Button by Jeyawue on DeviantArt

things i hate/dispise for my own reasons if you want to know just ask though a note:
{this one is me--->}:iconkillitwithfire: :iconedwardcullenplz: :iconthetwilightseries: [<-----things i hate go here]

Tumbler: hell-fire-bluesky-the-1st.tumb…


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