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Jeff the killer Shimeji

Well I made a Shimeji, I think it's not so good...
But, well try it, and tell me ^^
100% by me <3




Here, have a MEGA link

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i tried everything but i only see icon and with other shimenie it works

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I am very sorry. I haven't touched a computer in ages, literally, so I no longer know about compatibility with new OS and such, therefore, I cannot provide you with any advice to try to fix it. :(

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Nevermind i solved it
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dear bluesixxdakota
The mega and 4shared doesn't work and i really want! So can you put google flie link or anything?
From AliceandGroupart
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how do you set this as your shim
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Thanks! And works yeey *.* 
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I hate to be a pest, but every time I try to download "Jeff the Killer Shimeji" it doesn't work. Help?
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When i click download, it doesnt seem to download. It just bring up the picture
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Link on the description.
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click the link… the link for download is this
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YES! the shimeji works
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Now it's refusing to work. I have the program running, and I've done the steps that all the things told me to fix it to do.
I just can't seem to get it running.
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Nevermind, I fixed that problem too. XD
Sorry for pestering you.
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I can't get it, it keeps taking me to a setup thing.
(This would be my first ever shimeji download, so I might seem a bit silly.)
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Nevermind, I figured it out.
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I downloaded the rar, I had an account on 4shared, I extracted the files and he's not here...did I miss a step? The others are working just fine, I got a bunch of Deadpools right now, but I think I've missed something...
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Did it displayed a message about a java error?
I guess you ran the .jar file.
I don't really remember how shimejis work, it's been years since I last tried any... Also, I only tested mine on Windows XP.
Hope you get it to run Sad dummy 
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Oh, he's working perfectly fine now. Got a tip from someone, worked like a charm.

Extract the files from the shimeji into a new folder on your desktop, make sure you rename the folder after. I don't know WHY it works, to be honest, but it does. No more java errors, and he's right at home helping Laughing Jack push all my windows off the screen.
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G R E A T !!
Happy to hear that you got it to work, enjoy!
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hi hi hi  this is perfect and i love it and omg. so perfect :3 
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oh dios! me Funciona Perfectamente !! Es Lindo bronceado! </ D
muchas gracias por Hacerlo!  Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 
(lo siento,  no soy muy bueno con Inglés ': l)
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