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Micheal by BlueSitar Micheal :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 2 1 What she wanted... by BlueSitar What she wanted... :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 2 1 Sub-Well Masters 8D by BlueSitar Sub-Well Masters 8D :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 3 1 Pico-Emi,desu by BlueSitar Pico-Emi,desu :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 1 0 Aerix and Emi...LINK by BlueSitar Aerix and Emi...LINK :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 0 0
The boy of Loss
"The memory of you..."
"Hey,you...did you think that fun?"

You know,people...avoid illuminating darkness.
Unlit grows darker and thicker,you know? live a life like that is all you have...
It can be found in people who found it very uncomfortable...
"Hey,you...did you think that fun?"
Regardless on how dark it is,depths cannot be measured...however...
once you realize that,you can never hold onto the light that reaches there...
You disappeared for a while for instance -- did anyone care or noticed?
You have been swinging between oblivion and loss when that happened...that's all.
"Stories of being forgotten..."
"Stories of continious Oblivion..."
"Stories of continiuous loss..."
"A reality that takes the name of illusion exists..."
"Hey,you...did you think that fun?"
I'm sure you intend to live on your own...
But did you know have many lives got involved for your existance?
Also...that story continues eve
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 3 9
An Interview with someone
One of my sister is talking with a specific guy lately.It seemed like my sister has taken a liking for this specific person.Being concerned for my sister, I decided to have a little interview with this guy when my sister was not around.
The first part was his background;Who he is and who he was.His explanation was really long so I had to summarize it.
Here's my summary:
-He protected kings of Europe
-He did mercenary work
-He became neutral to avoid 200 years of war
-Wields guns but is very responsible with them
-He partakes with melee weapons
-He is a good cook
-His chocolate is of the finest

After that I had to do my main interview...

Phili: If I take my sister away from you...what will you do,po?
Vash: Not much,really.Considering I know she's in safe hands.I don't think you would do anything that will harm her.I might try to visit her to see how she's doing
but you're her brother and I know you wouldn't do anything to get her hurt.
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 2 4
After losing a fight...
I made attempts on fighting back...
I ignored others...
Everything around me is not in my favor....
All I wanted was acceptance...
but having such was never true to me...

What am I singing this entire song for?
I just sing the song without knowing the meaning,
And thus,I ran off in search for answers,
Although I knew that it's pointless to go search.
So,Come,let us sing and let's all dance,
for Paradichlorobenzene.
Come,let us scream and let us shout,
With you,with me,with everyone or no one,
So,let's go wild ;fall asleep until we rot away from existense.
What am I fighting with?
I keep fighting all those idiots whom I know as 'evil'

I hate all the rules out there,
it's like being chained like a dog.
Thus,I tried to escape from such,
and I have no care what will happen.
I hate it when I'm bossed around,
being a little evil is what I want.
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 12 6
Merry Christmas by BlueSitar Merry Christmas :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 3 4 Me as aVocaloid Version by BlueSitar Me as aVocaloid Version :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 4 8
Trick and Treat
Further and even further,into the woods,
You are being called by a voice so sweet,
Go on and go on,I'm sure you want to go,
Deeper there so that you're able to meet.
Hurry up,hurry up,I'm sure your tiny legs,
Can run even faster in the dark
Let's go,let's go,we'll have lots of fun
Aerix and Rondo:
Are you ready?
Your mark,get set, go.
This caramel stick,a wonderful stick,
Perhaps it is a magic wand.
Let's just have a lil' image,
that we are swimming in syrup.
Dreams that help rid our problems,
And sad things that make us cry.
Since they are made from above,
Aerix and Rondo:
Have one and try to go asleep.
But it's only good if you are surrounded with illusions,
But when you open your eyes,where's the dream?
There is no more.
You'll notice that you are tied and crawling on my feet.
What a nuisance.
You have already given in ,
Aerix and Rondo:
So,no turning back.
Every now and then,a sight of doubt is seen,
Shining in a doulble
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 3 1
The Alice of Human Sacrifice
The first Alice was the one of purple spades,
aimlessly walking a path in Wonderland.
Doing such serious crimes on his own way,
the path in which he walked was followed with red blood.
But that Alice was captured in the woods,
taken to a prison, yet did not fight back.
That man however excaped without a trace,
no one knew where he is know,so everyone forgot him.
The second Alice was a crimson diamond,
walking a chosen path in Wonderland.
Singing and playing music at will,
he hid a secret underneath it all.
That Alice was really a vampire,
thirsting for blood whenever nighttime comes.
But a vampire slayer found the young man,
he was killed but no one knew who killed him.
The third Alice was a royal blue clover,
stuck in her own palace in Wonderland.
She was a girl of beauty and grace,
and that Alice was the princess of the kingdom.
But that Alice was always threatened,
by her older sisters who were jealous(of her).
She attempted to run away with somone,
They escaped a
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 1 12
Sleep with me...please? by BlueSitar
Mature content
Sleep with me...please? :iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 0 155
OC Bios 2
Name:  Ivan Camus del Santiago
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Nickname: Camus,Cam-cam (Given by Meru)
Species: Human
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black that turns Red sometimes
Likes: books,music,studying
Dislikes: anyone who's mean to Meru, annoying people
Personality: cool,quiet
Info: Camus is basically Meru's butler,bodyguard ,friend,tutor rolled in one person. Although rarely seen,he's watching over Meru nearly everywhere possible. If he thinks you're not trustworthy,he won't let you touch Meru.When alone,he's seen reading  books in the castle garden.
Name:  Yunoki  Tsukimori
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nickname: -none-
Species: Human
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Purple
Likes: Sewing,drawing, Cosplaying,spicy food
Dislikes: Kill-joys,silence
Personality: loud,energetic
Info: Yunoki is a very energetic girl. Although not as bright as her own Twin sister, Yukino.Spicy food seem to have no effect on her.
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 1 50
OC bios
Name: Clarisse Anita Meru Von Weller
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Nickname: Meru
Species: Pet morphing- Human
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Dark Brown
Likes: music,playing games,dancing,cherry blossoms,plants,singing,classical music
Dislikes: mean people,carrots,
Personality: always happy,friendly,cheerful
Info:  Meru is a princess from a far away kingdom.This basic info explains why she loves classical music and is talented in playing the piano.Although she's not a mean girl,like some princesses are.
Name: Ryuu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nickname: -none-
Species: Heartless
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Sea-Green
Likes: Fighting,Noodles,Tea,Music
Dislikes: Ginger
Personality: loud,hot-headed,energetic
Info:  Mikoto's heartless.She treats Niro as an  older sister and is very protective about her.He's shown to be capable of making people lose their memories.She gave Niro a choker that has a chime bell.No one may see it but he's always watching over Niro.
Name: Niro
Age: 19
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 0 10
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo (11x)
Po Pipo Pipo,Popi-
All right! It's recess time,
So let's drink juice.
Just a bit request,
I made just now .
But since you really are,
My own best friend,
I'll be the one paying for you~
Let's drink!
Bottoms up!
Sweet and creamy,
Melon milk juice.
or Mango juice?
But the one with the best taste is that
Bitter green juice!
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
Made with vegetables so-
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
Rich with vitamins so-
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
I want you to feel the-
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
Po Pipo Pipo,Popipo
The beauty of drinking,
bitter veggie juice!
:iconbluesitar:BlueSitar 2 34


[ACEO practice] Istoria by piyostoria [ACEO practice] Istoria :iconpiyostoria:piyostoria 33 8 Violette and Hortense bookmark by syazleana Violette and Hortense bookmark :iconsyazleana:syazleana 40 15 DDFF FB Fan page contest entry by caterpillartomoko DDFF FB Fan page contest entry :iconcaterpillartomoko:caterpillartomoko 8 2 Mokona - Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles by japjoker001 Mokona - Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles :iconjapjoker001:japjoker001 0 0 Eri and Fio by NickBeja Eri and Fio :iconnickbeja:NickBeja 654 110 Marchen (Tragheit, Hochmut, Wollust) by Lyn-Lopez Marchen (Tragheit, Hochmut, Wollust) :iconlyn-lopez:Lyn-Lopez 17 13 The Navigator Idolfried by EvilAkayaKirihara The Navigator Idolfried :iconevilakayakirihara:EvilAkayaKirihara 54 10 Slenderman VS. Jeff. by Sgt-Bio Slenderman VS. Jeff. :iconsgt-bio:Sgt-Bio 49 39 DAT FACEEEE by Lin-Chann DAT FACEEEE :iconlin-chann:Lin-Chann 11 11 SH Gakuen 31 by Magi-Axi-Ruin SH Gakuen 31 :iconmagi-axi-ruin:Magi-Axi-Ruin 10 15 SH - First Met by miyaotohime SH - First Met :iconmiyaotohime:miyaotohime 47 7 Elise by Lin-Chann Elise :iconlin-chann:Lin-Chann 31 21 Shall we Dance? by hoaxstar Shall we Dance? :iconhoaxstar:hoaxstar 35 2 To the Destiny by IExLibrisI To the Destiny :iconiexlibrisi:IExLibrisI 116 19 BlackRockShooter - Steven Stone by PrinceKara BlackRockShooter - Steven Stone :iconprincekara:PrinceKara 163 17 PewDiePie by Lady-Was-Taken PewDiePie :iconlady-was-taken:Lady-Was-Taken 2,841 300



[Work in progress.

The owner of this account is too lazy to edit her own ID.
Please come look again later. :'3 ]]

Current Residence: Some house in Pampanga
Favourite genre of music: Nearly everything
Personal Quote: "I can do what I feel like doing for I am my own master!"
  • Listening to: kaijitsu no Keikoku
:devshadownninja892: tagged me. =w= Last March XD;

1. You Must Post The Rules.
2. Each Person Must Post 5 Things About Themselves In Their Journal.
3. Answer The Questions The Tagger Set For You In Their Post, And Create Eleven New Questions For The People You Tag To Answer.
4. You Have To Choose 11 People To Tag And Post Their Icons On Your Journal.
5. Go To Their Page And Tell Them You Have Tagged Them.
6. No Tag Backs.
7. No Stuff In The Tagging Section About "You're Tagged If You're Reading This". You Legitimately Have To Tag 11 People.


5 things about myself:

1 - I earned the nickname 'Miss Mushroom' back in highschool. Reason? I'd either appear or disappear without them noticing or I stay in small unnoticeable corners. Like a mushroom. |D

2 - I don't listen to the trending music nowadays,to be frank. I only know of some of them because my classmates keep shoving them into my ears unintentionally during vacant hours.

3 - I love men with glasses. Everyone knows that. But I hate it when they immediately brand men like those as nerds/dorks/geeks.

4 - At some point, a friend compared me to a Tetsuya Kuroko. Watching the anime,I'm just...speechless.=w=

5 - It's tough being youngest... especially when people pressure you to make an accomplishment your siblings has yet to make.

------Question and Answer Portion------

I'm not good with updating ;w;

1. Have you ever taken your shirt off in public:
Well, I took off my parka at a Hospital entrance once. The Police thought I was undressing, but he remained quiet when he saw how I had a shirt underneath. Different story, yet same effect. =w=

2. What cookies do you like the most
Classic Chocolate Chip and sugar cookies :3

3. What fandom are you currently really into right now?
Really into? Hmmm... None really. I have a neutral feels with all my fandoms. But judging how my Tumblr's dashboard is... there's currently, Sound Horizon, Umineko and Kuroko no Basket soon. -w-;

4. What character do you enjoy rping the most?
My Idoko-muse,of course. I can act all cute and energetic without overdoing it. :'D
Deuce ,too. She's 80% like me. =w=

5. Any pets?
3 dogs
2 lovebirds
4 goldfishes

6. What do you think when I say an ancient statute that I saw once was holding up the middle finger?
That infamous barrel man of baguio. It's basically a wood carving of a man in a removable barrel. Once you remove the barrel, Um... here:…

7. Do you like me X3
Of course! oAo

8. What irritates you the most.
People who don't know the meaning of the word 'no' ? :l

9. Got something that you are completely afraid of?
THE SUNLIGHT*hissssssssss*

The darkness. ;3;

10. BEHIND YOU! A LEVEL 100 DITTO! What do you do!!
D: .... l:C
*tries to pull it out of the ground*

11. Which person/object/or character would you make out with!?

Person: Yamamoto Yusuke
Object: ...whut.
Character: Lots actually. ;w; There's Urataros ,Idolfried Ehrenberg, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Jade Curtiss Mandy,water you saiyan?!

------Now for my questions~------

1. Got any toy that you never got in your childhood but still wanted one at present?

2. So I heard somebody wanted to talk about MURDERS 8'D

3. Who should I RP next,hm~? A character from some series an OC? Who?

4. What's your ultimate weakness. l:3

5. Oh look: a butterfly!

6. What do you consider yourself a failure of?

7. You did realize question no. 2 is a fandom joke,right?

8. Do you... like me? ;w;

9. So, I can talk to you whenever something's up,yeah?

10. If it's way past my bedtime and I really have to sleep, how will you put me to rest?

11. Yeah. What anime/game should I get into next. *w*


Anyone and everyone who wants to answer this :'3


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