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U.S.S. Galaxy - Refit - Portrait


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U.S.S. Galaxy - Refit - Portrait


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Devious Collection

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Female Wolf TF 4 [Commission]

Devious Collection 2

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The Laboratory (Anthro tf story)

I have to admit, I was surprised when the large mailing envelope showed up at my doorstep. I had applied a while ago, to take part in some kind of scientific research study, the application was a little vague on the details, but I didn't really expect to get in. But sure enough, my name, Sophia Holsen, along with my address, was printed clearly on the front. The application was mostly standard, height, weight, medical issues, but it also asked some slightly disturbing questions like “Are you afraid of small medical instruments” and “Are you frightened by medical laboratories or medical uniforms?” I mean, what kind of

Devious Collection 3

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Underwater Cyberpunk City

land and space scapes

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A Guilmon's life Chapter9

Damon and Chris then begins to fight. Chris first attacks with Diamond Storm. Damon dodges the attacl and use Pyro Spheare. Chris dodges and then use Power Paw. Damon got hit and attacks with Rock Breaker. Chris got hit by the attack as well. "Your pretty strong for the Guilmon" said Chris. "Yeah I could say the same thing for you for a Renamon" said Damon. The digi vice then begins to glow as Damon Digivolves into Growlmon. Chris also digivolves into Kyubimon. The two continue to fight with Chris using Dragon Wheel and Damon using Hot Bite. A few minuets later. The battled had ended in a tie with Damon and Chris changing back to their origin


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LS-CM, So THAT'S what you got


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The Family Pack - Chapter 5

 School finally ended and Sylvia was walking with Jason back to the orphanage. "So let me get this straight," said Jason, thinking back to the conversation they had at recess, "Werewolves are born as humans and learn how to change as they mature?" "Not quite.  They're born in human form.  They aren't exactly human," answered Sylvia. "What's the difference between human form and being human?" asked Jason. "Good question.  Well, werewolves are born with heightened wolf senses, which they retain while in human form.  Also, they still have the some of the cravings and habits of a wolf.  So you see, they look human, but they're quite different


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Furious Fangs [PATREON REWARD]

Alien forms

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U.S.S. Galaxy - Refit

comics dragons

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Posti by Kuma - Stage 2


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U.S.S. Galaxy - Refit - Portrait


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New Layout

Starship Interiors

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Stream Commission 4 Stage Fox - Anthro


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Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 2004 Colonel Rutledge lets me lead him, his rifle casually carried in his arms as if we were a hunter and his dog walking through the woods rather than a senior officer and a four-legged werewolf training to find improvised explosives in a mocked up Middle East city.  He can afford that swagger.  I can’t, not when we’re so close to the end of a four day training exercise. After six months, I’m finally getting used to how the body armor feels on my fur, the weight on my back when I run on four legs.  It's not completely unfamiliar.  When I was a girl, I sometimes carried my little br


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