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Sketcher: Ponysona Ref 2016

By BlueSideArts
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So i instantly retconned my old ponysona Artsy Song because i ended up adopting this beautiful Lustrous Pony from XNightMelody c:

i've never truly liked my original ponysona. When i redesigned her, i was happy with it, but still didnt like it, but once i saw this design here, i completely retconned Artsy

she may not be my original design, but i adore her ;u;

So yeah! Here's my new ponysona, Sketcher!~

Name: Sketcher
Nicknames: Sketch, Sketchy
Age: 119/young adult (Lustrous Pony years. Has the biological body and mind of an 19 year old)
Gender: Female/Mare
Species: Uncommon Lustrous Pony (Species of Unicorn created by XNightMelody. Learn more about them here)
Birthday: June 18th
Sexuality: Heterosexual  Sexual Orientations - Heterosexual by TwinkJinx
Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic  Demiromantic Flag by SinoGrayopteryx
Cutie Mark: None [her species doesn't acquire one]
Talent[s]: Art
Likes: Swimming, warm/fall weather, FOOD, ART, video games, watching blizzards, MUSIC
Dislikes: RAIN, COLD WEATHER, waking up early, tiny spiders, cream soda
  • Procrastination is biggest flaw
  • Factually smart, book smart, internet smart, but sucks at math
  • Often has dumb moments. Fumbles words a lot. Irish [Hayrish??] and British accent can come out of no where, and is not even British; actually part Irish. Kinda deep female voice.
  • Ambivert
  • Loves poutine and mozza cheese
  • Exercise is worst enemy, but does it anyway
  • Daydreams at least 300 times a day (can go into a daydream within 2 seconds)
  • Shy but not too shy. Warms up to others easy if they come off non-assertive or easy-going
  • A Realist; basically in the middle of an Optimist and a Pessimist
  • Perfectionist when it comes to art. Something looks wrong, well shit, gotta start over now
  • "I hear the words I've spoken, and everything comes out wrong."- Marianas Trench
  • Likes telling random factoids. 
  • Really soft-hearted and cries at sad things that aren't really that sad
  • Fur is easily ruffled, so don't taunt and tease
  • Mix of a logical thinker and a creative thinker
  • "WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I DON'T KNOW. I'm very frustrated this morning.."- 2D
  • Straight but would probably go gay for Noodle
Original design from here: Fall Lustrous Pones: Closed pending

I hope you like her as much as i do ;u;

All drawn in FireAlpaca

Sketcher (c) RhinestoneArts 
Lustrous Ponies/Design (c) XNightMelody 
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But, what is she?
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she's a variant of Unicorn created by XNightMelody 

she's not a canon species of pony
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"Dislikes: tiny spiders"

So big spiders are alright?
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yeah i know, it's odd

the bigger ones fascinate me more. I held a tarantula before. 

also because i can always see them and tiny spiders just freak me out more because they can just show up unwelcomed and can hide pretty easily

the only tiny spiders that dont freak me out are Jumping Spiders. i mean kinda. they're cute though
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Huh. Well, fair enough. :) Now knowing where they are threading through can be...annoying.

Jumping Spiders are cute as Tartarus.
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So cute! I would love to be able to draw a ponysona ref like that for myself.......would you make one for me?
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i would, but it wont be for free, unfortunately

i could make it a commission if you'd like??
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how much would it be?
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i'd say about 300:points:
Redpandawarriorgirl's avatar only have like 45 points ;-;
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well how about an art trade then??
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sure! I'm up for that! I can do a few headshots of your characters, cause headshots are really the only thing I can draw without a lineart.
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ah thats all right!~ if you'd like could you do Sketcher?

and in return, I will do your OC!
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YOOOO!! she's gorgeous!! and adorable! i wanna hug her holy heck! also your art is so good bud!!!!
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