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Older!Prima Donna (fanart for Lopoddity)

just some fanart for Lopoddity's RumbleBelle NextGen, Prima Donna c: Definitely one of my top fav nextgens of her's.

I decided to do a little speculation for Prima as a full grown, sassy-ass punk rock mare. Eyebrow piercings and 20 times better at dark purple eyeshadow and liner. I also designed a cutie mark for her hehe. 
 Prima CM2 by Astori-a

Prima Donna (c) Lopoddity 
MLPFiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose.:Please Comment 01:. by Chipi-Chiu
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Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
LOVE the way her hair wraps around her horn.
Lopoddity's avatar
Wow, this looks amazing, love the adult design you made! :D Love love love this, especially that cutie mark design, thank you! :heart:
BlueSideArts's avatar
ahhh thank you so much!! ;u; im so glad you like it <3
OakenshieldArt's avatar
I would probably make her neck a little thinner, but other than that it is gorgeous! ♥
BlueSideArts's avatar
yeah i know. Prima's is thick because well, she's part pegasus, thus making her super fluffy in the neck area

Her muzzle is placed strangely so that would be as to why her neck is a bit thicker than normal lol. but thank you!!
SnowyLilacs's avatar
plus she is a transgendered pony,so she will be a little thicker....

Also this is very cool fan art on Prima all grown up,plus the cutie mark fits her so well.
that-lil-trans-boy's avatar
just transgender dear <3 -ed and -s after transgender isn't necessary because transgender is an adjective!
you wouldn't say louded or louds

just thought I'd let you know c:
BlueSideArts's avatar
no, not really. I believe she had permanent gender-altering magic in her teen years (likely from Pandora). Since magic is basically the main object of everything, and draconequus magic is considered to rival Alicorn magic, i can bet a Draconequus can change the sex of a pony permanently.

her neck is simply thicker here because i drew her face slightly too small, and her muzzle is placed kind of off. Otherwise without this error she'd look like how i normally draw mares
MLPNextGenFan's avatar
Loppodity make this real!!!
crumplebottom's avatar
QoQ this is too good omgg
Songal's avatar
That should totally be her cutie mark.
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LydiaNight's avatar
Love it, Love her hair, love her cutie mark, LOVE EVERYTHING
StarshipXD's avatar
finally somebody did some prima donna fanart! She looks so cool :>
WidowPeak's avatar
This...this is a good desing :D
purplecruiser's avatar
WOAH Prima, you're looking good! REAL good, hahaha!
AnnabethRide's avatar
I hope she sees this! It turned out fantastic!
DawnsyBebo's avatar
Oh goodness Prima Donna looks fabtastic!!
Sinamuna's avatar
;u; So cool and pretty hnngh. <3 I envy your skills
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