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I was tagged by the lovely curiouskeys to do some facts on my Sparity bab, Lilac Quartz!~ I haven't touched on Lily much as I should have, but I
guess here's my chance to give you some knowledge of her!

Lunar Phases by LacrimonLunar Phases by Lacrimon

 1. Post these rules
 2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
 3. Tag 8 other characters [or as many as you want]
 4. Post their names along with their creator’s names

L I L A C  Q U A R T Z

NextGen: Lilac Quartz [2017 Ref] by BlueSideArts

 Pastel Purple Star Bullet  Lilac Quartz was born to Spike and Rarity along with her twin brother, Sodalite [no bio yet]. During Rarity's pregnancy, Spike was in constant fear of her miscarrying, since it had happened a few times before. In my AU, Pony-Dragon hybrids are very uncommon and has only happened a handful times. Due to ponies and dragons having different genes, pregnancy was rare. Rarity was ecstatic to find out she was having twins, but the looming thought of her previous miscarriages plagued her. Fortunately, the twins were successful and she managed to carry them almost to term. She was able to have Lilac naturally, but Sodalite ended up breached, and had to be birthed surgically. Despite the mental stress, she managed to have her babies happy and healthy, and Spike cried when he first saw them. Rarity had to call up a nurse to help calm him down.

Pastel Purple Star Bullet Lilac speaks in an Equish [English] accent similar to her mother. I imagine her voice to sound like Emma Watson. When she's angry her voice cracks and sounds more like a cockney accent.

 Pastel Purple Star Bullet She was born with partial unicorn magic unlike her brother, and she can make things levitate, and is also strong enough to aid her in finding gemstones and metals with sonar magic. She channels the magic through her snout horn. This magic ability makes her feel more akin to pony-kind, specifically unicorns. She has self confidence issues all dealing with her being a hybrid, and goes to her father a lot for advice. 

Pastel Purple Star Bullet Despite being part dragon, she doesn't like to hoard as she likes things tidy and clean. The gems and metals she'd normally collect for a hoard, she would use them to make her custom ornaments to sell in her shop. Technically, her shop is her ''hoard''. Her special talent deals with creating ornaments and other trinkets.

Pastel Purple Star Bullet Also, being part dragon, she has the ability to breathe fire alike to her brother. She had a difficult time controlling it as a foal, but as she aged she managed to get the hang of it. She only uses it to help meld metals and to help soften gems while creating her ornaments. She and her brother both have the same coloured fire, gold. They also didn't take much of their mother's pony genes, except for Sodalite, as he gained hooves on his back legs rather than toed feet. Her and Sodalite were also able to gain cutie marks.

Pastel Purple Star Bullet Lilac and Virtuoso dated for a short time, but ultimately split up due to distance and other issues. They still remain friends and writes to him when she's away.

Pastel Purple Star Bullet She's almost completely carnivorous, and can barely stomach vegetarian foods except for fruit, wheat and seeds. She suffices her meat cravings by adopting a mostly piscivorous diet with the exception of some poultry. In my HC, different races of ponies have different variants of diets. Pegasi and Alicorns are completely omnivorous, and Unicorns and Earth Ponies tend to lean towards more vegetarian foods, but are able to eat some meats. Being part dragon locked her and her brother into a more carnivorous diet.

Pastel Purple Star Bullet She has a guilty pleasure for dancing, and often dances in her free-time. She enjoys contemporary dancing a lot and takes weekly classes. She hasn't told any of her friends about it because she's a teeny bit embarrassed of it.

Pastel Blue Star Bullet [BONUS]  Lilac's body isn't completely covered in scales, in fact, her entire body other than her underbelly is covered in a thin layer of fine hairs, from her pony genetics, similar to a sphynx cat. Her brother also has this. This hair is so thin to where it's ultimately translucent, and lacking pigment, but is reflective in the night, acting like scales. If you were to touch her back, she'd feel very silky. The markings on her body do not come from those hairs, but her skin.

Lunar Phases by LacrimonLunar Phases by Lacrimon

Okay fellas, whoever I tag, y'all don't have to do all 8 facts or do it at all if you don't wanna!~

Vindhov - Snap Apple [I'd love to see some facts on this country bab!!]
CanisRettMajoris - Prince Titan [I LOVE the look of this amazing night boy and I'd love to know more abt him uwu]
Loryska - Janus [i love this boy i'd love to see more]
Colourstrike - Midnight [i love her aaaa]
Hh i can't think of anymore shshsh but if you see this i tag you too!!


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