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Shiny Bellossom by BlueShiranui Shiny Bellossom :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 3 0 Belossom by BlueShiranui Belossom :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 3 5 Comic #2 by BlueShiranui Comic #2 :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 0 1 Hubby by BlueShiranui Hubby :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 5 3 Comic by BlueShiranui Comic :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 2 0 Pretty in Pink by BlueShiranui Pretty in Pink :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 2 0 Oshawott by BlueShiranui Oshawott :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 7 0 Pikachu by BlueShiranui Pikachu :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 2 0 The quartet is done! by BlueShiranui The quartet is done! :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 1 0 Shiny Umbreon by BlueShiranui Shiny Umbreon :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 1 0 Umbreon by BlueShiranui Umbreon :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 4 0 Oddish by BlueShiranui Oddish :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 1 0 Okami Umbreon by BlueShiranui Okami Umbreon :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 4 3 My bobble itches, Kupo! by BlueShiranui My bobble itches, Kupo! :iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 4 2
Dance - Road to Love (Part 1)
"Finally! School is over!" Joey jelled in pure exitement. "That's no reason to kill our ears" someone said from behind, stoic and bored voice as ever... Kaiba. The cheer from Joey's face faded away and he growled some unhearable words into the direction of his lifetime-enemy. "I have to disappoint you, but we're not done yet, Mr. Wheeler. I have to announce something before you can go" the teacher said. The whole class went silent and stared at the teacher... everyone except Kaiba that is. "We're going to hold a Dance Competition in 4 months from today. The competition will be between our school - Domino High - and the school from the neighbor town, Star High. If you want to enter, please sign the list next to the teachers lounge. That's all." The class quickly leaved the room and moved out of school.
You walked to your locker to get your shoes when Tea walked up to you.
"Hey, Shiva. Wait for me" she cheered. "Why are you so happy?" you asked her while you
:iconblueshiranui:BlueShiranui 1 0
Shiva Profile
Name: Shiva Azucena*
Age: 17
Height: 157cm / 5'2"
Birthday: 25th January
Appearance: Long and Red (later it's a bit shorter), cyan blue eyes, chubby girl
Family: Ave* (brother, missed), Anubis (dog), Parents (unknown, deceased), Kail (little brother, deceased), relatives from the royal dynasty
Favorite Food: Lasagna, Pizza and Sushi
Favorite Drink: Cola and Tea
Favorite Music Style: Rock / Metal and sometimes songs from the charts
Crush: Seto Kaiba
Likes: reading books, listening to Music, playing with Anubis, daydreaming, dancing
Dislikes: Insects, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Beans, Pork
Friends: Tea, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Mokuba
People she doesn't like very much (not hate): Bakura, Serenity
Background: Ave fled with you 10 years ago, on his 18th birthday. Your parents have been murdered on that day, as well as your little brother Kail, and since your relatives were after you as well, Ave
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Heya Guys =D

I Just wanted to tell you that I am still Alive XD 
I am currently working on different Story Ideas which are popping up in my head...

Currently Working on:

Bullet; Green Dance - Road to Love (part 2) // Seto Kaiba x OC
Bullet; Green I owe you something (part 1) // Seto Kaiba x OC
Bullet; Green 

Not started yet (WILL come! - Mini Series / One Shots)

Bullet; Red I owe you something // Seto Kaiba x OC // (Mini Serie)
Bullet; Red Vaccation // Seto Kaiba x OC // (Mini Serie)
Bullet; Red Don't leave me! // Seto Kaiba x OC // (One Shot)
Bullet; Red Fairground // Seto Kaiba x OC // (One Shot)
Bullet; Red Eclipse of the Sun // Seto Kaiba x OC // (One Shot)
Bullet; Red  

Just Ideas (for now)

Bullet; Yellow Mihawk x Reader - New Years Eve [AU]
Bullet; Yellow Mihawk x Reader - Happy Birthday [AU]
Bullet; Yellow Mihawk x Reader - Happy Valentine [AU]
Bullet; Yellow Mihawk x Reader - Happy Birthday 2.0 [AU]
Bullet; Yellow Mihawk x Reader - Summer Vaccation [AU]
Bullet; Yellow Mihawk x Reader - Marry Me [AU]
Bullet; Yellow 

On Hiatus (for now):

Bullet; Black Overcome the Difference - Tibarn x OC
Bullet; Black 


Bullet; Blue Baby Accident - Part 1 to 4 // Drake x Reader // (Mini Serie)
Bullet; Blue Mihawk x Reader - Halloween [AU] // Part 1 & 2 
Bullet; Blue Mihawk x Reader - Christmas Eve [AU] // Part 1 & 2 

Bullet; Blue Dance - Road to Love (Profile) // Seto Kaiba x OC
Bullet; Blue Dance - Road to Love (part 1) // Seto Kaiba x OC

Bullet; Blue 
Overcome the Difference - Tibarn x OC
Bullet; Blue 

Maybe going to re-write:

Bullet; Purple I never wanted a woman... (but I can't resist you) - // Mihawk x OC // - Part 1 - Epilogue
Bullet; Purple 

If you have any Idea for more themes for Yu-Gi-Oh! Storys, just tell me =3


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We have 04:20AM right now and it's already 20°C (68 F) outside... we'll get around 37 - 40 °C (98,6 - 104 F) this week... I'll die x__x
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I'm 28, female, and from Germany =3 my hobbies are: drawing, listening to good music, reading

Small Information:
You can find my stories here as well:

Quotev: Shiva LeRoux
Wattpad: Shiva-LeRoux
Archive of your Own: ShivaLeRoux



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