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September 19, 2012
Sometimes the light within is the only Hope there is; in watercolors from ~BlueShining.
(Suggested by =Arichy and *Minato-Kushina)
Featured by SRaffa
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"Hope is a waking dream." - Aristotle

Made with watercolor

I'm in a inspiring moment... and I'm not working for my commission XD



Oh gosh I got the Daily Deviation ;^; Thanks to all especially for who suggest my work and who feature it ^^
Thanks :iconlove:
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This piece of work is fantastic. I love it!
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Thank you!! 
I'm glad you love it ^^
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I cannot help but wonder...what hope, specifically, were you attempting to capture the precise sentiment of when you created this coalescence of consciousness? Freedom of some sort? (birds usually are a symbol of freedom and liberty)
A wonderful peace of art I rly liked it but i was wondering if I can have your signature somehow cz I'm working on a project that concerns this canvas. thk u :)
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what a wonderful, crazy idea!
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Ohh, thank you very much :D
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^^ i just think it is a wonderful idea!
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You are wonderful. Wow.
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Thank you very much  :heart:
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Beautiful cncept!
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Thank you so much :3
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Love the colors you used.
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Thank you very much :3
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This is beautiful!
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Aww, thank you very much X3
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I'm searching and thinking about the meaning of hope and the question that what is it.

you are virtuoso and i proud to and respect you.

please,let me to print it and write its name and your name and your commentary at the bottom of it and put it in my search results.

can i ?
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