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United Kingdom
Just some person who's a little bit obsessed with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

:bulletblue:Daydreaming :bulletblue:Writing :bulletblue:Drawing :bulletblue:OCs :bulletblue:Reading :bulletblue: Guinea pigs :bulletblue: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein :bulletblue: Henry Clerval

Oh look, some conveniently placed icons of my friends :)
A year has once again gone by since I last posted a journal...
Anyway, I was tagged by Skittisketch and I'm just going to answer the questions 

1. What is your favourite meme and why? (Yes, I just asked this: you're welcome XDDD)

I have no idea, I'm sorry

2. If you could escape to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Geneva maybe? I'm not sure there is anywhere to escape in the world

3. Which artist has the most influence on your work (can be on the site or in real life, just wanted to know who influence you)?

I feel like DestinyBlue has been a big influence. I went through a phase where I drew really lazy, child like things and looking at her work made me think I could maybe do better. My work is nothing like hers, and now I just draw for fun really, but just the way her work always has such great concepts and colour is inspirational (maybe as opposed to influential).

4. What genre (be it a book, film, game, anything really) would you be the protagonist of?

I'm not sure I'm interesting enough to be the protagonist of anything really

5. Have you ever wondered if you "looked" like your name? (I can't really explain what this means, sorry.)

I don't know. I tend to think names are pretty adaptable, especially since there are so many that are really popular and have been popular for a long time.

6. Favourite character (feel free to talk about who you ship them with)?

My favourite characters are Henry Clerval, Victor Frankenstein, Elizabeth Lavenza, Mina Harker, Quincey Morris and Isabella Linton. (I know the question asked for one character, but these are my faves)

7. (My favourite question to ask) If you had any superpower, what would it be - being as specific as possible?

To be able to cease to exist as a physical entity.

8. What was your first fandom ever?

I think it was either the Charlie Bone or the Merlin fandom

9. Which song would be your theme song?

Either Breaking Down by Florence and the Machine or Snakes by Bastille

10. Mind showing me a piece that you're particularly proud of?
I kind of like the colouring in this?

Leandra by Bluesheepy

11. To derp or not to derp?


12. Help? How do you overcome art-block?

I tend to look at clothes and then I want to draw my characters in those clothes. Or I take something I've written and draw something based on that

13. It's over, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over? ;_;

I guess it is. This will probably be my last journal for another year...


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