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Dear Zeus, I could create infinite posts about the Survival Squad, and here’s one now.

Have you ever noticed how Winston guards Myron’s door all night? Until you break into his bedroom, anyway. When does Winston sleep? So, I came up with an idea— what if he DID sleep and he got out of bed just to lecture you, he does seem angry when he catches you, therefore... have Winston in pajamas sassing you to bed. I’m probably not explaining this well but my hands hurt from typing so whatever.


Soooo.... you know that meme “it’s time to stop”? Well, I reimagined it with Dr Pendulum from Time Tangled island, I know I got some colors off— I colored this at a Christmas Eve party because I’m a loser and I was distracted.

For anyone who doesn’t get the second part, in one of the versions of the memes, he says “this is cancer!” So I brought in another serious disease, CC13 influenza from Virus Hunter island.

In conclusion.... Merry Christmas?🎁🎄
What’s up, nerds? I’m fai- trying something new, so have this garbage.

The scream is there because, you know... that’s the painting she was gonna steal lol.

Anyway, I got like no sleep so this description is trash because I’m tired, so here are some references I used because how do I anatomy………
Winron Trash
Ah, yes, the OTP. Every NORMAL person in the fandom is like “(well known character) and (other well known character)!” And I’m here saying “Yes, the gay old man and his boss, perfect.”

What am I doing with my life.

Anyway, I saw a meme on the internet and just HAD to use it with these two. This is the original meme—…

Also, I need everyone to appreciate the little hunting horn in the corner instead of the trumpet because that honestly made me laugh way too hard.

I used some simple references for this comic because I’m lazy, and it STILL took forever! Here are the original sources—……

I wanted to add an ending to this, but I feel that might’ve been too “mature” .... plus, I ran out of room on the paper lol
This time, I was tagged by :iconcrazypaintbrush:

If I have to do this again I’ll fight everyone. And lose. Badly.

• Write the rules or copy and paste them
• Write 13 things about yourself (But there’s nothing interesting about me)
• Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions
• Tag 13 deviants (I shan’t)
• Make sure they know that they are tagged (HEY GUYS YOUR TAGGED!!)
• Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" (Fight me, you can’t stop me)
• It's forbidden to not tag anyone (This makes me want to not tag anyone)
• Tag backs are allowed (Looking at you, Paintbrush! How the heck dare lol)
• If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you

Alright... uh, I guess I’m supposed to say 13 facts about me...

1– My school gave me midterms on Halloween and the day after. 10/10
2- I’ve done ballet, soccer, softball, Tae Kwon Do, tennis, and a bunch of other things because I literally have no better way to spend my time.
3- I hate the sound of train horns.
4- I’m running out of things to put here.
5- I’m a girl. (Hey, it counts, it’s a fact)
6- I like cats more than dogs.
7- I... recently made a Halloween challenge on the Poptropica Amino?
8- A lot of people say I look gay and I don’t know what that means.
9- I’ve moved a lot in my life.
10- I just tried French toast for the first time in my life today.
11- I’m not horrible at cooking.
12- I’m ultra competitive over dumb things.
13- I’m tall.

Okay, now I’ll answer the questions I was asked, I guess. Still tired from midterms oof.

1) Are you in elementary, middle, high school, college, or graduated?

High school. And everyone in my school wants to get high. Are you proud of that joke? No? Well, it wasn’t actually a joke so h a.

2) Does your name (first name, initials, etc) mean anything special?

Yeah, actually, I was named after two characters in Shakespeare’s work. It seems only fitting that I love to write now!

3) Is a baby duck cuter than a baby chicken? (This is a actual argument me and my brother have, and you guys are gonna help me win it XD)

D u c k s. Actually, bonus fact, “Ducky” was my first word.

4) What art/writing piece are you most proud of and why?

Ha, I’m ashamed of everything that I do! *silent crying*

5) What inspired you to join DA?

I honestly can’t remember now, probably something dumb or cringeworthy.

6) Which is harder, acrylic or watercolors?

*finger gun* I’ve never done either.

7) Saddest Harry Potter character death? (If you did not read or watch HP, get out of here and never com- nah, you can stay, just go read or watch at least the first movie, it’s worth it)

I can’t remember which twin it was... but one of Ron’s older brothers died and I was heartbroken.

8) Choose between modern music or 70-80’s music?

80’s electronic funk all the way, though I love 70’s disco.

9) Finish this sentence: SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME...

THAT YOU WERE NOT MY HOMIE. So then I slapped them.

10) Do you ever go to bed with intentions to go to sleep but instead stare at your phone for half a hour or more? Asking for a friend.

Nah, I play a YouTube video because I wanna stay awake and then I fall asleep with it playing.

11) Are you a introvert or a extrovert?

Introversion is a perfect description of my life.

12) Do you prefer the movie or the book version of a franchise?

Usually the book.

13) What was your first OC (from any fandom) ever?

I believe it was White Moon... she was the first pop oc I remember, anyway. And I know when I was that young I didn’t have any other ocs.

As for my questions? Well, since I’m tagging a close hoe of mine— I’m basically gonna make this a joke lol.

I’ll just tag her here, suffer :iconderpyhorse-inactive:

1) Why are you so gay?
2) Are you thotting about in B o s t o n ? (Inside joke, y’all)
3) Why’d it take so long for me to drag you into this fandom?
4) Are you actually gonna answer this?
5) Are drugs bad?
6) Am I still the big gay?
7) Do you think I’ll always call you “s m o l”?
8) Does this post annoy you? c:
9) How many more are there to answer?
10) Finish this sentence... BILL NYE... (I’d put— “YOUR MOM’S A GUY!!)
12) Are you sure about that?
13) Can I hit that YEEET?


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