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Crazy year filled so far with school, moving, work, problems, lack of space, being otherwise occupied, etc. Now that I am more settled in and have sufficient time and space for art... I am doing my best to get back into it.   Wonder Woman, Buzz Lightyear, and Sheriff Woody ducks are currently sitting on my desk in various degrees of completion, in addition to several completed My Little Pony drawings (I know, I know), and a painting or two. Hopefully soon - very very soon, I will finally, truly, actually post some of it up here. Here's hoping.
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So, I've been busy. I hadn't realised it had been a year, though. I check dA pretty often, but I haven't uploaded much lately, or written here. It only seemed like a few months, really!
I checked the date of my journal after seeing my Deadpool duck on Superhero memebase
and realised I probably should post something. So, here's that something.

I've been really busy with college. With moving all the stuff in my room, my art supplies (and space to paint ducks in) has been lost, and significantly diminished. I fixed Sephiroth's hair, but one of his shoulder plates was damaged during an unfortunate dropping incident. Woody and Buzz Lightyear (the ones mentioned in my journal last year ^^') came along pretty nicely. Buzz reached a standstill while I looked for something to use/make for his helmet.
Since it's been so long though, I'm going to go and get some stuff to be uploading again, and try to be more active with posting. Carrying 19 credits and tutoring this semester, in addition to home stuff *andskyrim* has left painting a little neglected. HOWEVER ART SHALL PREVAIL.




My boyfriend gave me a great idea. I'm so excited to finish this duck :3…
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Two new ducks in the works. One half done, the other shouldn't take too long. Should be done within the week - a week and a half at the most. Excitement! College is pretty crazy :3

These ducks belong in a pair. They're from a children's movie which came out in the mid 90's, they're awesome like space. There are things on their head that will be interesting to acquire/make;
they recently were brought up again. I rather wish I had finished and uploaded them to dA earlier.

But it's late, and that's all I have to say at the moment

good night, dA!

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..I'm a little bit intimidated here.
I haven't updated since March; I have over seven hundred deviations to go through, messages and things. Every time I signed into dA I would see all of these and think to myself "Oh. Right. Uhm. I can do this.. in a few minutes.."
In a few lot of minutes. It's disappointing when I look at all the things I've been working on and realise not a single one has been uploaded.

Consolation; this has been a pretty busy summer. I've gotten somewhat of a social life (go me!). Church every Wednesday is freakin' amazing. We went to the beach; I've made a few new friends and found an absolutely amazing guy. Seriously. I'd upload him on dA - he sure is a piece of work. Hahaha

I'm going to try and find some time to upload a few things I have 'ready' to go. My Mother and I have been ripping up our house in a sort of "end of the summmer purging" - tomorrow I have church and then Thursday, I'm going with two of my best friends, and my boyfriend, to see The Phantom of the Opera.

Oh. mai. goodness. Happy day.

Not to forget; thank you to everyone who stuck through my disappearance! Thank you for the comments, watches, staying, and favourites! I appreciate it loads!!!

Hello, dA!

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...I bleev this is true.

I never really liked writing these. As much as I love to write, doing public online posting never really appealed too much. I think I should say something though.
YAY ART! Contrary to what my dA is showing, I actually have been quite active with artworkings. There were many many reasons why I haven't posted anything new here... yet. Now I have finally found my camera (again) I can work on actually taking pictures of the things I've done and going to upload them.
Tomorrow I ought to. It's very possible that I shall.
Anyway. Recently I revisited the wonders of papier mache (YAYGETTINGMESSYALMOSTASGOODASFINGERPAINTING!) and made some masks. I love masks. I love walking around wearing my masks. And capes.
I've also been sewing quite a bit.
Some projects that I have been/am/willbe working on. I have one duck finished to upload, two to nitpick over and upload; I made myself a carrying bag for my laptop (HUZZAH!), and have been re-painting quite a few of my younger brothers' toys. A wooden rocking horse, wooden swords, things of that sort. I really love it.
There actually have been several sketches I've been doing and want to colour soon. Colours are aesome.
As I said, I've also been working on making a load of masks. Because they're awesome. Oh! I also made a papier mache lightswitch cover for my room. It's one of my favourite things, actually; a black cover on which I painted "The Opera Ghost Really Existed" in white letters, that glow in the dark.
It's great.
Along with that, I started some sewing projects as well. Some arm warmers, pop-tab gauntlets for my brother's birthday this weekend, putting bell-bottom flares in my jeans, a shirt, and my first try on making a full dress. If it turns out well, I'll turn my needle towards some good old 1800s fashions! Wish me luck.
Painting, sewing.. and writing. My little novel is coming along quite nicely, up to about twenty some rough chapters now. It's been taking up a lot of my time as well.. I have been doing a lot of writing. In fact, I'm doing far more writing here than I imagined I would be.
That's that. Soon I will be uploading pictures and such of my many projects! That'll be some yayzoraptor. :D School and work too, who can forget that?

And thank you to everyone who commented and favourited me lately! *deep bow* I am glad for the time you took to look at my artworks and inform me of your thoughts. I appreciate it, thank you very much! Also especially for the watches :3 I appreciate those very very much.

I think that's pretty much it for now! Nothing I can think of to blather on about. Thanks for watching everyone and have a good daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



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..for one of these.. again..
I'm not much of one for writing up, but let's see. Things have been crazy lately - yay beans! Okay, not quite.
Hunting season took away quite a bit of time; I did come away with a six-point buck, so that made me very happy indeed! Thanksgiving, hunting, then as everyone knows here comes Christmas.. Lots of things to do for Christmas. I have a big plan for my boyfriend - I shan't say what, on the very slim chance that he somehow sees this - and some other works for my friends.
I've been dabbling a lot, playing in new playgrounds; taking paints to canvas, doing watercolours, chalks, inks and coloured pencils.
  I'm currently sketching an Edgar Allen Poe 'collage' sort of thing for my friend Rachel. Two poems and 'Masque of the Red Death', along with an original-tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves picture. Yay!
  For my other friend, a present comes in the form of a Call of Duty t-shirt and an illustration from /her/ favourite story, the Wolf and the Seven Children. As she's told me about it. I have yet to look up some more on that.. should be doing that soon.
  Sephiroth Duck is sitting on my desk, glaring and would-be whining (would Sephy whine? I'm having trouble picturing thi...) about not getting a 'decent' picture and being uploaded to dA. That needs to come first. After that, working on the C-3PO duck and.. getting started on the request.
Yes, I got a request. EXCITMENT! Originally it was 'Altair', then changed to Ezio. Not really sure about this, but I'm going to look some things up. THIS WILL BE INTERESTING. I'm actually rather excited to get started.. I reallly very much hope it will be done for Christmas = Not quite sure. Things are really beginning to get crazy, and we haven't even set up the tree yet.
Must go Christmas shopping.
Good gravy, I love thrift stores. But I digress.
I was also happy; my neighbor asked for a 'Cinderella' picture for his little sister. I had some fun with that, taking it beyond what they asked for and adding a couple of characters and designs.. mostly for fun. Was rather pleased with the result, since it was my first time really using chalks on a full picture. I copied it and gave it to the little girl; she was ecstatic, which was good. Ahh yay!
Well, that's about all I suppose. Must get to work on taking Sephiroth's picture and designing these ducks. Hope everyone is doing well! Stay sane in the pre-holiday days!


-PS: I talked to a girl from the art store today - if you happen to drop by: Hello fellow Les Miserables fan! I hope I get to speak with you again sometime soon :D Merry Christmas!

Christmas List: 2/6 Complete
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...sneak up on you. School, home things, cleaning the basement things, going away things, obsessively writing stories about a Victorian doctor things, haven't-cleaned-room-in-ages things..
Things. They sneak up on you.
And my latest duck is KICKING MY BUTT.
A suggestion/request, and I'm hoping it won't be the first one I will be unable to complete. I refuse to admit it as a failure. If it comes to a final production, it might be one of the coolest ones.
Should it not make it to a final stage..
We'll see.
On another note, I'm seriously considering Sephiroth as a duck subject. Actually, I have a couple of ideas bouncing around. Perhaps it would be a good idea to work on several ducks at once.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear.

Hopefully things will calm down soon and come out right. Here's hoping!

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...and finish it here.

Hooray! Oh dA, painting, I have much missed you.

After being absent for longer than I had anticipated, I am, indeed, back. Hooray! Thank you to all of the people who favourited/watched/commented while I was gone! I intend muchly to go and say thank you other than in here, but for the moment, let it be noted that I appreciate it =D


With my Jareth (King of the Goblins and Labyrinth) duck uploaded, I'm eyeing the rest with a cloud of ideas swarming in my beady brain. Hopefully I will have one chosen, done, and uploaded soon.
In the meantime, my friends and I are planning a Halloween/surprise birthday party. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, I suggested Pin the Appendage on the Zombie. As a result, I am working on a life-sized (well.. my size'd, anyway) zombie. His name is Looshy and he is almost complete. Looshy will be taking up some of my time, but I will not neglect my ducks again.

...Okay. That's it.

Thank you everyone!

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..just enough, now that we've nearly finished packing, that I will be disappearing for a few weeks for some visiting vacation and general busying around. Painting will resume upon my return =D Also, any suggestions for duck projects would be appreciated!

I'd also like to mention that I did, in fact, put glitter in the blender. It was neat, (except for when it got everywhere and needed to be cleaned up) but unsucessful. Jareth has, however, still managed to keep his glitteryness and also gotten a dandy little extra prop. That's about all I have time for today!

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  • Drinking: Still water =D Pap-pap's house I go.

Going to see Pap-pap this weekend will prevent me from correcting a mishap which occured with the Deadpool duck. Sometimes, I really hate red paint.
A lot.
I will resume on Monday. O red paint, how I despise you..

Happy note: There was a character I had considered before, but dismissed for many reasons. However, after seeing the movie several times (my little brother loved it), I found a barbie doll who was willing to donate to my ducky cause. That's all I'm going to say about it.. except that I am definately going to need some glitter for this one.

That's about it. All the spare time I have at this moment.

Live long and prosper-

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..finishing up with everything that needs to be done!  

The pile of these big and little things getting in way of the next two ducks in line seemsto slowly be lessening. Though there were quite a few obstacles, the one most directly related to the ducks in particular was the gutting of my bedroom.
  Every single thing was removed from there - my desk and supplies included - and piled throughout the house. Just so that the carpet could be ripped up.
That particular obstacle is now nearly done away with! No unusual busy things come to mind, so hopefully I will now be able to continue painting. I miss my ducks.
I'll be returning (unfortunately?) to comics again for the next two.
(One of which I will be sending across country to one of my closest friends - close, no matter how far away he may be ^^)

Anyway, I guess that's it. This journal was a little break *cough*procrastination*cough* for me and now I will get back to my werkin's.

"Why is there so much TOOTHPASTE?!"

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I love the old Willy Wonka movie. Something about the orange-faced Oompa Loompas and Gene Wilder in purple just seems perfect.

Everyone who sent me messages, comments, favourites - thank you!! If I haven't thanked you yet, it wasn't because I didn't appreciate it, but because I have not much been on deviantArt. I do appreciate it - and very much!
Due to several things; school, a long trip to visit family, school, Easter, various things..
Anyhow. It hasn't left me much time for things art-wise, so I haven't put anything up.


There has been a duck, sitting on my desk. Unfinished, looking forlon.. Imploringly. Wanting to be finished..
The paintwork had been done for the most part, just a few little odds and ends to wrap up and try to fix.
There was the subject of hair. It had to be perfect, and nothing I had or that was at the dollar store was right. It  just.. wouldn't work.
After Easter, on the way back from Grandma's, we stopped at a store. And in that store, was a bag full of awesome.
The perfect colour, perfect everything. And how much was it?
Yeah! I waited a day after returning, since I was out of superglue. Then I decided that the duck had waited long enough, and I would finish using clear craft glue. And it is finished.
I love it.

Hopefully I will be able to complete more workings soon.
One more note before I sign off. My fajah, :iconandrewjharmon: put a note of me in his journal, here…
Yaay Dad, thanks!

That's about all I have to blather about now.


Signing off;
Deva B.

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...when Superglue explodes and gets EVERYWHERE?!
I have decided that I absoultely despise having superglue covering my fingers. A seemingly random incident. Sit down, realise there's superglue everywhere.. It's a good thing I found something to use it for, else I would have been even more irritated.

On another note, sickness - the general not-feeling-so-wellness - has been lurking about for awhile. I am immensely glad to be feeling much better. My baby brother has not been faring so well.
This makes me sad T_T
I stayed up later than I intended to finish the Spiderman duck for him however, and it made him happy for a bit.
This made me happy :D


What I'd like to do is get together ALL of my ducks together for a group picture - like the Desktop Duck Army. Only with the ones that were missing.
...I need to finish my Les Miserables picture.
I also need to take a picture of my Phantom Phrame and upload it, and start some ducks that are not comic book related.
I have been filling quite a bit of my free time, lately, working on my Jack the Ripper story. But hopefully I will still get done art-wise what I would like to get done. Art-wise.

ALSO! I would like to make A NOTE:

The ducks I paint are not rubber ducks. They are hard, decorative, paperweight-like.. but not rubber. :D

As for this journal... that seems to be about all I wanted to say.

Cinderella story.. IT'S IN THE HOLE!


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..that whenever I had a chance to do a lot, something go wonky. xD

Some computer going ons *ahem* are preventing me from properly uploading things as I usually do. It took long enough for me to get up TWO things today, out of the many I completed, and I am not happy.
Sometime soon, perhaps, I will be working on it, but today is game day. The Pittsburgh Steelers play the Chargers in a few hours, which gives me very little time to get ready ._.

I have three ducks to upload in addition to some drawings and paint jobs I did on Christmas gifts/toys. Hopefully I will be able to do that soon.

I have the Eagles vs Giants game playing on mute (due to squawkings of three little brothers, even drowning out the music playin), waiting for the Steelers & Chargers. And speaking of games, I SO called the Cardinals win last night. What I did not expect was so many turnovers from the Panthers. I have to admit that was a surprise.

Well, that's about all. Hopefully I will be able to put up everything else I have been working on.
Until then -
Go Steelers!

--Deva B.

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  • Drinking: Water know Christmas is over.

And so it has been.
It was a good Christmas - very much so. I'm glad it came and sorry it went.
But Christmas passing means there's pleenty of free time until New Years! And with the new charcoals and paints I recieved (and all the glorious old horror classics, though that's not relevant to anyone reading this), there will be puh-lenty of ways to keep busy!
Meaning the enjoyable ways. Work doesn't count *waves hand* hahaha

Hopefully I will be able to get something done with all the ducks I have planned, but as I said, I do have more charcoals now which I'm verrry eager to put to use. Good use. I find :iconi-gcomics:'s pictures particularly admirable. (Not to mention his comic, Requiem Mask. It is very enjoyable. Just see for yourself! ^^)
With all of the old movies I'd like to watch along with everything else, I see many charcoal-blackened fingertips coming to me. H'zah!

I think that's about all I wanted to say now. Later I"m sure I will remember something I wanted to say.. but oh well.
That'll do.

A safety-pin! A safety-pin! Hasn't anyone a safety-pin for me?

-Deva B.
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All right, so I'm very happy. Mostly. The other night, I was up painting my ducks, when I happened to glance down at the picture of Heath Ledger I was referencing. And I glanced at the duck.
..What happened to his head? Did I do that? Surely not.
It made me realise just how awful the hair looked, and that it was not likely to improve after I cut and styled it. I would have to get the hair off.
The glue was dried.. so I took a screwdriver to the head. WITH A VENGENCE!
..Start over on the now-bald Heath Ledger Joker duck. Go me.

That is the mostly.

The rest that makes me happy is that I finally got the things I need to make
A. Harley Quinn's hammer
B. Batman's batarang.
C. The Joker's mini card deck and Joker card.

Not to mention, I bought five more ducks. Huzzah!
The only problem I face now is deciding which character to do. @_x Not a win.
:iconandrewjharmon: suggested a Deadpuddle duck.
But after drawing Deathstroke, I was considering him. Then Wonder Woman. Green Lanter.
The Mad Hatter. V for Vendetta.
Inigo Montoya.
Then I realised...
I absolutely love Les Miserables. And who better to make into a duck? The only thing about it that makes me wonder is if I'll have enough time at once to make his hat.
Now that I had the idea, I want to do it.

...Tha' duck wants SIDEBURNZ!

And I shall do it.. WITH THIS CRAYON!

That's all I really have to blather about.

*End Transmission*
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