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Miss 2

Quickie. Already posted on my tumblr!

Just to let you know I'm still alive. And kicking somewhat.
Similar drawing here: [link]
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I finally. Found. It. Nice to find the original artist of this.
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You're the real artist of this painting? I've seen this all over google - red hair and B/W - and found your page by chance... I'm so impressed! By this picture, by your artwork, by everything! I actually found this page through my admiration for another piece of yours I found on google, which I'm looking for now. Anyhow, you have my watch and you have my respect. Please keep creating! You're amazing!
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I know it probably stinks to have comments about people stealing your work rather than giving you feed back.
Especially since this is so pretty, but here's a case...shizen-phantomheart.deviantart…..
He's claiming he drew this and he even put a water mark on it. Sorry.
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I'm quite certain this gal has traced your picture.
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You know what? A guy claimed this was his drawing on FB, and i was just so disgusted.
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You have brought a goddess into this world *q*
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So beautiful! I love her eyes so much! ❤
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This person used your pic as their Profile picture, and changed the saturation/hues on it: lostwithinthestars.deviantart.…

They might remove it later on (or add credit), but this is just a heads-up. 
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I see this picture everywhere :)
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beautiful artwork
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so  pretty !!
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The 2nd ended up giving you credit in their comments. 
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I found some people who've used this. I have no idea if permission was given or anything. But in case it's not, I just thought you should know.

1st uploaded a year ago:…
2nd Just a little while ago:…
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I love how you draw eyes. 
I found yet another recolour of this that I fell in love with, so I wanted to find the source and thank you for making me smile c:…
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That hair is beautiful
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love the wispy hair and the eyes
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Ugh. I hate you for being so amazingly good. This is just a quickie? LOL! If I managed to create something like this, I could die happy. Quickie. Pffchht... shoot me.
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HAHAHA. Thanks for your comment!! :D
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