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Custom Pinkamena folder icon

Looks like Pinkamena is angry with you...

Vector: [link]

Icon changing mini tutorial:

First of all, save the .png file to your computer.

Then use this: [link] website to convert the .png image into a .ico file. Windows icons use the .ico format, so this step is 100% necessary. When asked for the size check all the boxes. If no images show up, make sure the save as type box says images instead of icons (icons is the default).

Once you do that, go to the folder you want to customize and make sure you aren't in library view by right clicking and clicking the "open folder location" option.

If there is not an "open folder location" option, then you are not in library view and can just skip that part.

Right click the folder and go to "properties" and click the "customize" tab. Then click "change icon" and then "browse" and find the location that you saved your .ico file. Select the .ico and hit ok.

For Macs:

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Is she going to make that folder into a cupcake
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oh yeah i love pinkamena !!?? XD
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how do i use this
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AAAAAAAAAAAA Pinkamena! RUN MEAN RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Running Man Running Man Running Man Running Man Running Man
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*Closes foldeR*
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Oh crap! Pinkamena! RUN! RUN! :iconrunplz:
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She has now seen every document in your computer...
and she is not pleased...
AskPinkamenaPLZ's avatar
awesomez!!!! :3

that is in my pinkamena custom laptop! XD lol
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She now deals with my deleted files instead of that recycling bin.
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WOOHOO! this is awesome!<3
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