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Star Wars - A Tear in the Dark

Given the time I devote myself to some illustrations about Star Wars, beginning with the most famous character: Jar Jar... ehm Anakin Skywalker
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Nicely done. I can't help but think he's playing the blues on his harmonica.

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I have more emphathy towards Darth Vader aka Anakin then I have towards Palpatine who duped him.🙁

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He'd be disappointed in his grandson  if he where still alive in my opinion. He did see the error of his ways, and in my mind he's more than forgiven. 
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it is starwarsawesome
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Its ok, I didn't want to be happy today eitherGIF Steven Universe - Don't Cry Pearl 
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An immensely poignant image, that really displays the grief and sorrow at the heart of one of the Star Wars saga's most famous characters and infamous villains. 

"It's... too late for me, my son."
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Perfect depiction of one of the most lonely man ever :icondarthvaderplz:
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what sad thoughts plague my beloved sith lord?Rainbow sad 
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I see now ... excuse me but this is the first time I see the true head of Dark Vader (Anakin Skywalker) on a fan art and not on a movie because I thought it would be scary ...

But in fact, not at all! :o
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This artwork is amazing - it shows the other side to the so-called villain we all know. Vader/Anakin is one of my favourite characters ever, so to see his pain and regret expressed in this is amazing!Love:love:  
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Actually the dark side in starwars is so deep and has so much to do with reallife.. its like the visualisation of the feeling desparet people has and there are so much emotions that are sad and at the same time they feel so angry about themselfs.
this piture is really good and got me thinking.
good job
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That sounds a lot like depression actually. If you haven't seen it already, you'll probably like The Last Jedi since that's basically how Luke felt the whole movie. Everyone has a little Dark Side in them, it's why I don't think the Jedi way is very healthy since they basically deny what makes us human, like our emotions and attachments.
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Wonderful peaceful moment!

There should be a movie focused on the tragic person of vader... the one man, trying to restore peace and order to the galaxy - impeded by a bunch of religious, aggressive, fatuous fanatics!
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Speechless... I want this as a piece on my wall!!!
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This is... incredibly beautiful and powerful. Thank you so much for creating this! :sigh: Sad, but beautiful.
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Awesome art! I found it while I'm listening to Johnny Cash -Hurt :( (Sad) :( (Sad) :( (Sad) 
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Make The Dark Side beautiful again
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Magnificent! and sad... 
I'm sorry Anakin...
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how dare you... so wonderful Waaaah! 
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So touching...
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