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On the covers of magazines, you may have seen red roses, pink, orange, white, yellow, peach, purple or lavender, and maybe a thorn-less rose.  All of these roses can be found in nature, genetically altered, or dyed to the desired color.  

I can't.  For years, I have been aimed for in the world of science and wonder, but at your level, I still can not be made through genetic alteration.  I'm not found in nature.  Even with dye, I can not become the exact blue that so many have longed for and fantasized about.  At best, you may end up with a dark violet.  You may never see a blue rose that, unlike wax, smells beautiful and has soft petals.  You may never have me. And that is exactly what I stand for:


The blue rose has always meant the unattainable, the impossible, and has always represented the fantasies that may forever be out of your reach.

My dream?  To be everywhere.  I want to bloom in nature and be one of the most common flowers.  If this dream were to come true, will it ruin my deep meaning?  No.  As a common wild flower or house plant, just as I have always symbolized unattainable, I would symbolize how even the most fantastic and seemingly most unattainable of dreams are very much within your reach.
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February 2, 2011


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