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Arkells 02 by bluerosemoon1017 Arkells 02 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 0 0 Autumn's Goodbye by bluerosemoon1017 Autumn's Goodbye :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 1 0 Shad by bluerosemoon1017 Shad :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 0 0 Gastown 2 by bluerosemoon1017 Gastown 2 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 1 0 Passenger Candid by bluerosemoon1017 Passenger Candid :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 0 0 Arkells 01 by bluerosemoon1017 Arkells 01 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 1 0 Angela by bluerosemoon1017 Angela :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 2 1 Gastown by bluerosemoon1017 Gastown :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 1 0 Ed Sheeran 3 by bluerosemoon1017 Ed Sheeran 3 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 1 0 Angels by bluerosemoon1017 Angels :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 9 5 Neptune by bluerosemoon1017 Neptune :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 7 5 Ed Sheeran 2 by bluerosemoon1017 Ed Sheeran 2 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 0 0 Ed Sheeran by bluerosemoon1017 Ed Sheeran :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 2 0 Fireflies by bluerosemoon1017 Fireflies :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 14 28 Alka 5 by bluerosemoon1017 Alka 5 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 2 0 Alka 4 by bluerosemoon1017 Alka 4 :iconbluerosemoon1017:bluerosemoon1017 0 0
I hope you enjoy my Gallery as much as I did having the experiences, seeing the places while taking the pictures. :D

And yaknow... the occasional drawing or poem you see. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did drawing or writing them. ;'D :la:


Chewie, we're home! by apfelgriebs Chewie, we're home! :iconapfelgriebs:apfelgriebs 433 42 1 by Watchers3 1 :iconwatchers3:Watchers3 4 0 twenty one pilots by alyciaeplank twenty one pilots :iconalyciaeplank:alyciaeplank 578 38 larry stylinson by smartha larry stylinson :iconsmartha:smartha 795 126 Let's talk about... [Larry Stylinson] by KikiKinchester Let's talk about... [Larry Stylinson] :iconkikikinchester:KikiKinchester 92 4 Louis by AkiTheBonez Louis :iconakithebonez:AkiTheBonez 122 20 that'd be Harry Styles by dariemkova that'd be Harry Styles :icondariemkova:dariemkova 101 10 louis tomlinson by dariemkova louis tomlinson :icondariemkova:dariemkova 223 24 9-2-2 by dariemkova 9-2-2 :icondariemkova:dariemkova 108 5 Harry Styles by dariemkova Harry Styles :icondariemkova:dariemkova 231 14 Harry Styles by dariemkova Harry Styles :icondariemkova:dariemkova 153 8 Harry Styles by dariemkova Harry Styles :icondariemkova:dariemkova 89 5 liam payne by dariemkova liam payne :icondariemkova:dariemkova 82 5 Rihanna by dariemkova Rihanna :icondariemkova:dariemkova 45 1 Harry Styles by dariemkova Harry Styles :icondariemkova:dariemkova 181 7
Art that I like. Or things I'm obsessed with. :) I appreciate all these artists that I fav, and take my time to look at this art. :la:



Breathtaking Sky by JoLuffiroSauce Breathtaking Sky :iconjoluffirosauce:JoLuffiroSauce 273 47 Deem by DallasHarder Deem :icondallasharder:DallasHarder 386 128 Kings and Queens by moepi92 Kings and Queens :iconmoepi92:moepi92 216 48 Color Me in Candy by ChroniclesofDestiny Color Me in Candy :iconchroniclesofdestiny:ChroniclesofDestiny 52 36 Owl City by i-want-the-red-one Owl City :iconi-want-the-red-one:i-want-the-red-one 446 250
:la: :la: I WISH I COULD HAVE THIS ART. :la: :la:




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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
"I think that if you are a good photographer, you will find the beauty in the worst." - lethalexpression
I shut my eyes for a moment's rest
'Cause I get so tired
What things transpired while my body slept?
Beset my mind
- I've Been Asleep For a Long, Long Time - Hey Rosetta

So it's been a really long time and like I just wanted to drop by and say hi to you guys and let you know that I've begun putting my photos on facebook here. I'm always open to hearing from you guys, and you can do that via writing on the wall of that page, or sending me a message on my tumblr.

I'm now in second year college, and a lot has changed for me. Listening to different music, paying attention to different things, and having different friends all over the world.

I feel like I actually have to thank you guys for kinda... introducing me to the wider expanse of the internet. Ever since being a part of this site, it's been insane. I've been to a couple of places and people have recognized me, and that's really weird to me. But it's really cool to find so many people who see things on my level.

I wanna give a big thank you to everyone who made deviantart what it is to me. I wanna say thanks to everyone I talked to on here. You know who you are.

Big, big ups to the Owl City groups I've been a part of over the years! I can say this here to you guys, because there's not many of you on tumblr that know me from here on dA, and so I give you this: You're the only sane part of the fandom. It's actually true. And horrifying.

Over the past 3 or so years, the way I see the Hoot Owls has changed a lot, with special regard to the tumblr-based fandom which I was apart of at one point (don't consider myself now, because to be honest with you, they're some of the most terrible people I've met). Over these years, I've come to recognize that I never truly felt like I was accepted by the little group of people. But let me refresh your mind - I'm not talking about you guys persay. I'm talking about tumblr Hoot Owls.

I was put on a back burner and left for nothing. I was ridiculed for my beliefs.

There were two ways I could ever get attention or get people to listen, and that was either through: pretending to believe in something I didn't (most cases, God), or blasting my top off and swearing like a sailor while trying to express my point.

I eventually resorted to the latter, as it became evident that I never truly believed in God.

Please don't make it your mission to help me find God, because I will just be angry with you. I've had enough of feeling like I don't belong because I didn't fall into the place of the Godly HootOwls (aka the majority of the fandom). But respect was something I did learn from them, and I respected as well as I could being an Agnostic Atheist.

I learned a lot that I never wanted to know about Owl City, and I would never want any of you to know about Owl City.

One thing that is crucial for every single goddamn hootowl to know, is that, the man Daniel Jorgensen, is not safe. He is not a good person. So please, if you are a hootowl and if you gain anything from this entry, just gain the knowledge to protect yourself and the others you value in your life that are a part of this fanbase, no matter how small of a role you may think they play.

Daniel Jorgensen is currently under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. That minor, being a very, very close friend of mine, and having enough evidence to put him into jail. As I said, I learned too much about this fandom that I never wanted to know, but out of everything I did learn, I felt like the best thing to do was to pass on this information to you so that you could understand how crucial it is that you stay away from Daniel Jorgensen.

Something else for you to know: Daniel's contract with Owl City has been terminated as a result of this. So you should be safe, but please, if you ever see that man, I cannot stress enough for you to stay the flying fuck away from him.

I just really wanted you guys to be protected and safe so that this didn't happen to you. She isn't the only one he's done this to, and if you may have information at all, don't hesitate to message me on my tumblr about it or message me on my facebook page about it.

One thing I really, really want to make clear to you is that, this Daniel situation isn't something for you to joke about. It isn't something for you to send hate about. Just read the story, and gain what you may about it, and if you need anything else, please message ME and not HER, because I don't want her to get into her bad place again.

In other news, my newest favourite band (over the past year) is The 1975. Give them a listen if you have a taste for really indefinable music within regard to genre. They're amazing. ChocolateGirlsThe City.

Love to all of you,


:iconhumanoid-killjoys: :iconallartsupport: :iconbiebluvers: :iconmusic-junkies:


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Hello there :) I'm just letting you know that I am deleting my dA account. Ironically, my preoccupation with my college art classes has kept me from being on here often. But if for some reason you wanna keep in touch with me, no worries, I have a Tumblr account in which I have posted the occasional artwork or edit. Here is the link to my Tumblr blog: Thank you so much for supporting me and adding me on to your watch list :) God bless.
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thanks for the watch new hoot owl friend!!! I've met them all except Adam you are very lucky!
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Thank you for the favorite!! That was my first time to do portrait photos and I had a blast!
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