Should I introduce a new antagonist to the Kirby and Friends series?
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Yes! Introducing Nightmare!

Yes! Introducing Dark Matter!

No! I like the comics as-is!

Yes! Someone else (comment with suggestions)

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SailorKirbyStudent Digital Artist
Shadow Kirby (Ill have to make a BIO soon)
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bluerosekatieHobbyist Digital Artist
Shadow Kirby? As in Mirror Kirby like in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror?  But Mirror Kirby isn't bad...?
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ladybird44Student Digital Artist
Galaxia Knight
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bluerosekatieHobbyist Digital Artist
Since he's SO mysterious (literally the main thing we know is that he's the 'strongest warrior in the galaxy') I hesitate to do so, but it actually might turn out.  This is just helping me get an idea of what might be a cool idea.