Gali and Takanuva's Adventure [INCOMPLETE]
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Day 1: The Stowaways (December 14)
My family and I were headed to Hawaii.  We rode in an airporter shuttle to the airport, and as we did so, I checked my backpack to make sure everything was there. 
2DS, check.  Camera, check. Headphones, check. Notebook, check. Sketchbook, check. Container, check.  In the front pocket of my backpack, something was moving a bit.  I opened it up to see two Toa. Bionicles... check? Gali and Takanuva were sitting there in my backpack, half-asleep but awake enough to know I'd seen them.  Takanuva didn't care, he just squinted at me and fell back to sleep, but Gali was only barely asleep and she sat up.
"What are you doing??" I hissed.
"We wanted to see what Earth islands looked like," she replied, not bothering to whisper.
"Shhh!! You can't talk out loud! It's like 7 in the morning and everyone's sleepy!"
"Oh. All right," she whispered.
"Why aren't you asleep like Takanuva is?"
"100,000 years asleep means I don't need much rest anymore."
"Makes sense.  You should stay quiet now."
I zipped up the front pocket again, this time leaving an air hole so the Toa could breathe.  Soon we arrived at the airport, and we traveled through the long process of TSA security.  Surprisingly, the Toa didn't set off any alarms in the x-ray machine. We were able to get on the plane, and other than some turbulence, the plane ride was normal and very long.  Occasionally Takanuva would pop his head out of the pocket and ask, "Are we there yet?"
"No.  Planes take a really long time to get places, but not as long as boats," I told him.
We eventually did get to Oahu, and once we did, I let them out of the backpacks at baggage claim.
Stowaways I by bluerosekatieStowaways II by bluerosekatie
"Couldn't we just have used Kanohi powers?" Gali asked me.
"Yeah, why didn't we just use a Kakama?" Takanuva agreed.
"I don't have any of those."
On the shuttle to the hotel, they watched out the window and asked a couple questions about the trip.  Gali caught a glimpse of the ocean and immediately started begging to go swimming.  Takanuva wanted to explore the streets.  I told both of them I had to unpack and they were NOT going without me.  Since it was going to be a while, I let them climb some trees in the lobby to keep them busy.
Tree Climbing I by bluerosekatieTree Climbing II by bluerosekatieTree Climbing III by bluerosekatieTree Climbing V by bluerosekatieTree Climbing VI by bluerosekatieTree Climbing IV by bluerosekatie
We got organized in the hotel room, I got dressed in a swimsuit, and we were finally able to go to the beach!! Gali tried to go swimming a couple times on her own, but she kept making extra-large waves, spouting up water, and generally being obvious, so I put her in time out on the beach.  Takanuva wandered halfway off the beach and almost got stepped on, so I picked him back up and kept them in a bucket by our beach towel.  When they were confined, they quickly stopped trying to escape and fell asleep, proving they were jet-lagged.  
I took them back up to the hotel and tucked them into cozy spots, a towel for Gali since she was still all wet, and a neck pillow for Takanuva.
Tucked In I by bluerosekatieTucked In II by bluerosekatie

Day 2: The Beach (December 15)

I woke the Toa up at around 6 am because of the time difference.  Luckily, neither of them hit me with lasers or water fists.
Waking Up I by bluerosekatieWaking Up II by bluerosekatieWaking Up III by bluerosekatieWaking Up IV by bluerosekatie
"We're going to have breakfast," I told them.  "I'll carry you so you won't get stepped on."
They were curious as to what human breakfasts were like, so when we got to Cheeseburger in Paradise, they could hardly wait for the order to arrive.  I ordered eggs, hash browns, and toast, and when it arrived, the Toa looked at it curiously (and hungrily!)
Breakfast I by bluerosekatie
Takanuva was a bit skeptical of the many umbrellas the toast had.  "Is it going to get sunburned if you don't have umbrellas over it?" he asked.
"No, it's just a decoration.  Toast is cooked, not sun-warmed."
I shared the scrambled eggs with the two of them, who were a bit wary of eating with their mouths, but still tried the food anyways.  After we'd finished, I let them take home the umbrellas.
Breakfast II by bluerosekatieBreakfast III by bluerosekatie

As we walked back to the hotel, we passed a part of the sidewalk being repaired by an excavator.
"What kind of Rahi is that?" Takanuva asked.
"It's not a Rahi, it's more like a Boxor.  People use them to dig places that they wouldn't be able to dig with just shovels.  It doesn't have a mind of its own."
Since we didn't have much planned for the day, we went to the beach again.
"Okay Gali, I'll let you swim again, but this time, no whirlpools, no extra-large waves, no waterspouts, and please don't hurt anyone with your aqua axes!  You can check out the whole beach up to the wavebreak, but don't go beyond it or I won't be allowed to go find you."
"Can I please do waves? I'm the Toa of Water, I'm supposed to work with the ocean!"
"Okay," I relented. "You can do little waves.  Just don't make yourself suspicious."
I went swimming with Gali, who kept her promise and rarely made waves, just explored and followed a small school of silvery fish that swam close to shore.  Takanuva played on shore, reflecting sunbeams into my eyes, randomly putting spotlights on people, and making small holograms of shells on the sand.  When I had to go back on shore and rest in the shade, Gali came with me, and we turned a small stream into a series of pools.  We spent most of the rest of the day at the beach.
Once it was getting too cold to swim, we went back to the hotel, changed into street clothes, and walked around to find something for dinner.  A couple streets away from the hotel, we found a Korean Barbeque place that was delicious, and we also tried musubi from the Iyasume Musubi Cafe.  It was really good! Gali liked the seaweed and fish, Takanuva tried to take most of the rice, but we all ended up getting enough food.  Since I didn't think it would be safe to walk the streets at night with two Toa who might get stepped on, I brought them back to the hotel room before we went street shopping.

Day 3: North Shore Exploration (December 16)

The next day, we drove in a rental van to check out North Shore, famous for its surfing, waves, and scenery. We took the scenic route, traveling past tropical forests and towns, heading towards the beaches.  Takanuva wanted to stop everywhere but we only ended up going to Kailua beach.  The Toa were excited, since I didn't have to carry them in a bucket anymore. Despite being beautiful, Kailua Beach didn't have many people at the time, so I let the Toa mess around.  Gali caught a few waves, and Takanuva tried, but he just got knocked over. Repeatedly.  Finally I got them to pose for a picture together.Waves I by bluerosekatieWaves II by bluerosekatie
We decided to keep going and head back around the island so that we could get changed, so it was another long drive.  However, on the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Leonard's Bakery and got malasadas, Portuguese doughnuts that are usually filled with custard.  The ones we ordered were supposed to be regular custard, macadamia nut custard, coconut custard, and pecan custard, but somehow our order was wrong and we only got the other flavored custards.  Our regular custard malasadas came unfilled! We ate them anyways, playing under the mangrove trees near the Honolulu Zoo.  Takanuva climbed the trees and disturbed some birds before we left.  He was lucky not to have gotten a surprise back!
The sunset there was beautiful!  But after that, we went back to the hotel and got ready to eat out at the Cheescake Factory.  I got dressed up kind of fancy, and Gali helped clean up herself and Takanuva, even if Takanuva didn't care how sandy he was.  The Cheesecake Factory was about 5 blocks away, so it took us a while to walk all the way there from the hotel.  It took a while for the table to be ready, so we waited outside and watched a bird sitting right on top of a doorway with wires to keep birds off it.  Finally, our reservation was ready, so we followed the host to a big table in the lanai, a partially enclosed porch with one side screened by plants.  While we waited to order, Takanuva messed with the brightness of the mini torch flames by the edge of the lanai, and Gali headed over to the waterfall wall.  She was a bit disappointed because there wasn't a pond at the bottom, but she still liked the humidity.  Once we got our menus, we decided to split a Chicken Alfredo with my brother.  It was a lot of food, even to share.  By the time everyone had finished eating, it was dark, but we still headed over to see the Royal Kuhio hotel that a friend had helped remodel.  Takanuva took it as a good sign that it was the seventh floor we were visiting, not any others, but it made all of us dizzy to look out over the railing.  We were happy to only be on the second floor that night at our hotel.

Day 4: Hanauma Bay (December 17)

Since we already planned what we were going to do for the next day, it didn't take us long to get ready and head out for Hanauma Bay.  When I told the Toa that we'd be snorkeling, they had two questions.
"What's snorkeling?" Takanuva asked.
"It's swimming right up by the surface of the water to see fish."
"When are we going to do it?" Gali asked.
"As soon as we get to the bay," I answered.
We had to watch an orientation video, which mainly consisted of 'take care of the area, don't hurt the fish or coral, and listen to instructions'.  Gali whispered "I knew all of that already," when we left, and I couldn't help but giggle. It was a short but steep walk to the bay, where we headed to the volunteer station to rent snorkels.  There weren't any in the Toa's size, but Gali had already offered to share her Kaukau's abilities with Takanuva, so that wasn't going to be a problem.  They looked all over, checking out the number of people... then spotted something.
"Muaka!" Takanuva shouted, pointing up at an overhang.
I looked up where he was pointing.  It wasn't exactly a Muaka, but I wasn't expecting to see a cat in Hawaii either.
"It's just a cat, it's not going to hurt you... probably," I said.
Since I'm a cat person, it didn't take me long to see the other 15 cats in the area, some of which were friendly, and some of which were not.  Once I calmed him down, Takanuva ended up wandering around with me, seeing which cats were friendly.  There was a gray tabby with a tan spot on its head that was the most friendly, and a gray and black that seemed to be a leader but also was pretty unfriendly.  Finally, after we had finished checking out the cats, I put on my snorkel and brought the Toa to the water. We swam out over the coral, trying to be careful not to hit it.
Not long after we passed the first slope, we started to see fish.  First it was only a few silvery fish that hid in the coral as we passed, but as we swam further out, we saw parrotfish, angelfish, and a few eels among the reef.  Gali dove deeper and explored some of the interesting holes in the reef, while Takanuva and I stayed near the surface.  Gali and Takanuva were getting used to this world, where the creatures were only biological.  Although I'd gone snorkeling before, the slightly loose mask and lack of practice tired me out enough that I returned to shore to take a break.
"Don't get lost," I told Gali, who agreed to the same rules as the other day.  I doubted anyone would notice her bright blue armor in the midst of the tropical fish.
During my break, I visited the friendly cat again, and noticed two chickens sitting up in a tree.  Takanuva found the chickens hilarious, as they slept calmly through the rain up in a tree despite being ground birds.  After a while, I got my snorkel back on and swam again, this time with the mask tighter, which made it easier to swim without taking breaks.  I met up with Gali, who'd found a less popular spot with many fish, some of which were as big as my head.  The weather got worse, raining harder, and everyone was getting hungry, so we left Hanauma Bay and headed out to eat lunch.
We went to a plate lunch restaurant somewhere in North Shore with generous portions and really good Kalua Pork, which I shared with the Toa.

Day 5: North Shore again (December 18)

We had one more day with the rental car, so we drove around North Shore, checking out the restaurants.  First, we went to Boots n' Kimo's, a diner-style restaurant with very little seating and delicious macadamia nut pancakes.  Because of the few seats, we had to wait outside to be seated, where Takanuva watched the wandering chickens and Gali sat on the bench with me.  Right before we were able to go in, I got a picture of them sitting and looking at the sign. (I may have lost that picture...)

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So... I kind of forgot what all happened, so I'm not able to finish the story, but I will be posting the whole series of pictures.  You might be able to get the idea of what was going on from those. This whole project was inspired by this tumblr: As you may have figured out, this is semi-fictional, but the basic events did happen. If you have questions, comment! :D 
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i like the fanfaction takanuva and gali where a fun interaction

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Thanks! I wish I could finish it but I forgot some of what happened and what I imagined happening so it would be difficult.
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it still worked

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