Welcome to the Grid, Arty: Chapter 6: New Plan

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“The other generals are in a city across the Sea of Simulation,” Tron said. “We’ll have to take the jet.”

He rode to a section of docks, then returned his lightcycle to baton form, and stored it somewhere in his armor. Sam landed the jet to let Tron enter and then took off again.

“Past the portal,” Tron directed. “Argon City is the second-largest city on the Grid. Light Jets aren’t very common there, so we’ll need to walk most of the way to the city center.”

“And if we’re spotted?” Artemis asked.

“We go straight to the Games, since we aren’t registered -- or at least you aren’t registered -- here.”

“The Games?”

“War games. Disc fights to the derez, lightcycle racing, everything you wouldn’t want to try.”

Artemis shivered. He’d never admit it, though.

Sam landed the jet in the docks of Argon City. These docks were more compact, with less vehicles waiting.

“This way,” Tron led the group through a maze of shipping containers.

“Do you know what to do if we get lost here?” Artemis whispered to Sam.

“I’d say, get in the lightjet and leave,” Sam said. “I know this area about as well as you do.”

Quorra rolled her eyes. “I know the area.”

“General Tesler has two lieutenant generals,” Tron said. “Both are high-ranking, decent fighters, and wouldn’t hesitate to repurpose programs. We’ll need to recode them if we want to take down Tesler successfully.”

“Where would they be?” Sam asked.

“Most likely patrolling, or with Tesler himself.”

“Then maybe we should let ourselves get caught,” Sam suggested. “I’ve been in the Games before. Quorra did have to rescue me, but if we split into two groups, one to check for Tesler at the games, and one to check elsewhere, we could cover Argon much faster.”

“If you’re thinking I should go to the games-” Artemis began.

“No. You’ll stay with me and use my base to help locate the generals in the city.” Tron said.

“So it’s agreed,” Sam said. “Quorra and I will be bait in the games, while you and Arty use your base to scout.”

“Just do what you did when you first arrived.” Tron smirked. “You’ll get to the games soon enough.”

He turned to Artemis. “Usually bikes are single-rider, but I think I can fit you in.”

Artemis nodded.

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The group splits in two - Tron and Artemis, and Sam and Quorra.
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