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If We're Honest

In this world, there is evil. 
We might try to cover it up. 
We might try to use 'positive thinking' and think away our troubles.
But that's just putting band-aids on the bigger picture.  When Jesus came to the world, he came to show us that we ARE sinning, we ARE being awful people.  No person is perfect, except Jesus.  He will take away our sins!!! If you accept him, and decide to follow him, he will take away your sins.  He is the solution to this world's evil, and that means admitting there is evil.

I felt prompted to make this and share it, but it isn't a personal attack on anyone. Please do not take this the wrong way.

Made in GIMP 2.10 with a Wacom Intuos art tablet.

Stocks used: by storeybooks by Rosemoji by mjranum-stock (Marcus Ranum at
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The drawing you made looks really awesome! And you're right about what you said in the description, we are all sinners and we indeed need Jesus to be saved. The cross on fire is a great symbolism of Jesus Christ too, i'd like to think that it symbolizes His burning passion and love of us; that's very intense imagery right here!

Keep up the good work! Don't forget to keep saying about God not just reserved for Christmas, but every year when you can do so. 
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:) It's not reserved for Christmas.  And actually, the cross was meant to be a 'rip' into our thinking that we're fine on our own, showing the fire and blood that's still happening.
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Oh ok! Thanks for clarifying, I was just saying what I thought but you made a good point too!
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