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The Kirby and Friends story begins

Baby Yirkie (Kirby Comics series pre-story)


Baby Yirkie (Kirby Comics series pre-story)

    A single star streaked across Popstar’s sky, shedding sparks as it crossed the night.  Kirby watched it.    That one looks different…    He heard a sound.  A quiet whimper coming from outside the door of his house made him look around.  Whatever it was whimpered again, then started to cry, still somewhat quietly.  Kirby stood up and walked to the door.  Opening it, he saw a smooth, icy track in the snow leading to his doorstep, and on the step, there was a girl.  She was tiny, with big brown eyes and a magenta bow on her head.    Kirby picked her up.    A baby? He cradled the pale colored girl as she slowly stopped crying

Fiction Spotlight

Chozo Child: Chapter 1

Chozo Child: Chapter 1

Summary: Written from the POV of Samus Aran, Chozo Child is a written version of the Metroid Manga and Metroid Zero Mission, with foreshadowing up to Metroid: Other M.  Samus' backstory and first mission are explored through a retelling of canon and additional headcanons, with humor, action, a hint of romance, and moderate angst.  This fanfic was written with people who are unfamiliar to the series in mind, but it has plenty of minor references and nods to the series for long-time fans as well. Rating: K+ - T for action and intense thematic sequences (PTSD and panic attacks) Possible triggers: character death, guns, fire, chase scenes Chap
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Please do not repost my artwork without permission from me. That means, ask first, if I say yes, then you can repost with a link back to the artwork here on deviantArt as appropriate credit.

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Here's my journal with information on what I will/won't do for art trades and requests:

I am a Christian stamp
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Stopmotion animation, writing, reading, sculpting...

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