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Sweetheart Tender by BlueRoseARROW Sweetheart Tender by BlueRoseARROW
Name: Sweetheart Tender
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Sweetie, Sweetheart
Parents: Soarin and Fluttershy 
Talent: Good at healing animal's wounds and injuries. (Unlike her mother, she can't talk to them/understand them)
Age: 17
Species: pegasus
Sexuality: heterosexual
Occupation: works at a vet in ponyville
Siblings: Sonic Spirit
Disorders/conditions: General Anxiety

Like her name implies she is a sweetheart who is a very tender soul. She cares a lot about others and always puts those she cares about before her. When it comes to Sweetie's interests she's very ambitious and passionate about them. But even thought she loves making others feel good, she couldn't care less about anything that she isn't interested in, and rarely says yes to doing things she doesn't care about, but sometimes in the blue moon she'll say yes (but only to those that she really cares about)

Sweetheart has always been a very closed in and scared pony. This is because she inherited General Anxiety Disorder from her grandmother on her father's side. Her mother, who is sometimes just as anxious as she is now, didn't help Sweetheart's anxiety issues that grew as she also grew. Her mother's anxious tendencies just reinforced they way that she started to behave as a foal.

She's almost always worrying about things, even things that are pretty much impossible and won't happen. 
The main things that she worries about are money, (Her father is pretty much a millionaire and her vet does pretty well ) possible health issues, ( she's never had major health issues aside from her disorder) her family or friends getting hurt ' beyond repair ', and her vet failing, shutting down and those who work with her loosing money, their homes, ect. She tries not to think about it, and even though she has medication for it, it appears as if it doesn't help, but it does help quite a bit. 
She tries to push her anxieties aside and not get trapped in an endless loop of fear, but she always and will always have trouble with it. Her Friends don't quite understand, but they try to help nonetheless.

Sweetheart is a very modest mare, this being why she's never had a coltfriend, even though many have asked her out before. Her looks and her reserved nature makes her a very appealing pony to some. But she always turns them down, no matter how attractive she thinks they are. Her anxiety and self-esteem issues get the better of and tell her 'you aren't good enough for a relationship with any stallion.'

As a filly, Sweetie rarely got hurt. This is because her mother was a 'swan mom'. (helicopter aren't a daily thing in equestria so the term 'swan mom' is the alt term) Fluttershy only meant good intent of course. But this caused Sweetheart to be very timid when it comes to activities that can hurt somepony, mainly her. She also has a shorter pain tolerance because of how she rarely felt pain as a foal. But overall, Sweetheart thanks her mom and understands why her mother acted this way. But Flutters being a swan mom took a different toll on Sweetie's Sister, Spirit. 

Base: flaremane
mlp, Soarin and Fluttershy ©hasbro
SweetHeart Tender and Sonic Spirit BlueRoseARROW
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736berkshire Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
She's really quite scared here.
BlueRoseARROW Featured By Owner Edited May 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, i wanted to picture her anxiety in her ref. However, i am interested in making more detailed refs for major characters in my next gen, so i might give her a slightly different picture one day.
It'd look something like this if i do end up making more:
Apple Butter reference sheet by BlueRoseARROW  what do you think? 
736berkshire Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
Sounds good to me. :)
BlueRoseARROW Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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