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The Balrog of Moria

Yeah, this guy is hot!
The Balrog is just awesome! Gotta love him!

GO, Gandalf, GO!!

((Soon, i will add the Witchking of Angmar as well!))

Rock on guys.
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Great art! Can I use the picture on a slide of a science slam presentation? Of course I will post your name and a link to your profile below the picture!
BlueRogueVyse a short answer to my request would be awsome :-)
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Oh, sorry man... totally oversaw your request. If it´s still something worth to you, sure, go ahead - any private non-commercial use is fine.
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Can I use this picture as my facebook cover ?
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Ha, sure, go ahead :P
Would be nice if you could post a link to my portfolio under the picture~

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Excellent, very inspiring :)
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Amazing work! Very nice colours and pose! :D
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whatS wrong with balrog face he looks like he's melting lol

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Good day dear artist. Your amazing arwork has been featured in my Fanart feature pt. 2.
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Hey, thanks very much! Really appreciate it :)
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i love this scene - have one of these in my gallery. Nice job!
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you shall not pass
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You are very good!
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ya... he's very hot! although i never liked the Balrog i like him now.
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i LOVE it! i hope i see the Witch King soon... he's awesome. :)
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Simply put.... Beautiful.
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Dense smoke! :p
Looks awesome, some excellent work, loving the colours.
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You´re always commenting my works..... i really appreciate that, Skull-X!
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Some may have been lost amist the massive amount I've let build up. :p
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